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5 Facts About Total Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

Knee Replacement can be a life-changing procedure. I’m a proper witness to what a sore knee can do to a person and what a surgery followed by total knee replacement surgery recovery can do. My uncle underwent one in Thailand and ever since he’s back, well, all I can say is that he’s just that uncle when I was a 10-year old. So, I’ve thought of sharing some proper facts with you. No matter if it’s you or someone close who has an aching knee, a total knee replacement surgery procedure can turn back the clock.

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You should know that this surgery is a highly complex medical treatment. And also that a successful procedure has a lot to do with a proper total knee replacement surgery recovery or rehab. So, here’s to filling you in on a few facts which you should know before going for one.

5 Less-Known Facts on a total knee replacement surgery recovery:

1. A Long-enough Rehab Period –

And this is for a fact. The longer your rehab period post-treatment, the better you’ll be afterwards. An average length of this rehab period is 10 to 14 weeks. This depends on a number of factors related directly to you. Your age is an important criterion and so are your habits. A smoking or a drinking habit will not help either, so this is an advice from surgeons to avoid both and indulge in neither.

2. Physiotherapy is the Key –

Your stay in the hospital for this surgery may not be that long for a total knee replacement surgery recovery. But physiotherapy (PT) is mostly for your artificial knee. You might face a few problems while using that knee first. So, I would again advise what my uncle did – hire a PT. Although he didn’t hire literally, his healthcare institution offered the services of one complimentary but that’s a different story. The point is, you need a PT to make sure your new artificial knee does not get sore either way.

3. Using a CPM machine –

A CPM machine or a Continuous Passive Motion Machine is extremely important for ensuring proper mobility of your new knee after the surgery. This machine mildly flexes and extends the artificial knee to slowly bend and get accustomed to a human’s locomotive motion. I would say that a CPM machine is compulsory for rehab after this surgery..

knee replacement surgery


4. Exercising and Physical Exertions –

Post-surgery treatment is all about making sure that your artificial knee works completely the way it’s supposed to. For any patient, muscles around the knee are obviously too weak due to lack of use. So strengthening these muscles during a total knee replacement surgery recovery through right exercising is something necessary if you want to be able to walk and work properly.

5. Precautionary Measures –

There are quite a few but I’ll simply list out the ones which are the most common.
Always continue with prescribed medicines.
Use that walking stick but slowly reduce your dependence on it.
Avoid twisting, sitting cross-legged or forcing that knee.
Use ice packs as necessary for any cases of swelling.
All-in-all, a total knee replacement surgery procedure can literally change a life. No one likes to simply sit around physically inept. And keeping these things in mind is something that can help post-treatment. But there’s a little more regarding the treatment part which I think you should know.
Coming to my uncle, he’s a 60 something oldie and he’s fit as a horse. He went to Thailand for a medical tourism overseas and stayed there for about 12 days. Thing is, the company which organized it literally took care of everything. And though he was always a bit grumpy on the outside, I can see that he did have more of a vacation than a surgery. And from what he said, he’s more than quite happy with the services and what these people provided for him over there.



So, if you opt for medical tourism companies, you can end up having a nice little vacation at Thailand and spend the most important part of the total knee replacement surgery recovery over there. That too, for less on the whole compared to what he had to shell out in Sydney. This could be a splendid proposition for you too. Just a friendly advice but surely worth a try!
Till then, have a nice day!

Article Name
5 things you should know about total knee replacement surgery recovery
February 9, 2017
A successful Knee Replacement Procedure has a lot to do with a proper recovery. So, here are a few facts which you should know before going for one.

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