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Medical Tourism Consultants

Our Vision

It is our dream to make quality healthcare available to people living in Australia and New Zealand. Our endeavor is to provide multiple specialties under one roof. The ultimate goal is to provide patient satisfaction. The collaborative treatment plan ensures quality service and the fixed packages for a lot of treatments make the patient comfortable. Save money by not seeing the doctor and paying the doctor every time you need a refill. Generic Valtrex pills online valtrexmeds.com are going to give you the relief that you need. We have one of the most experienced and qualified physicians in the world that are experts in their medical specialties.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing global benchmarked health care services at affordable prices. Medical tourism has undergone drastic changes in the last decade and countries in South Asia have become the most preferred choice for patients from Australia and New Zealand. insomnia. The aim is to provide healthcare on a large scale at prices that can be afforded by everyone. The core values of our services include:


  • Efficiency and innovation
  • Accessible and compassionate care
  • Accountability
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  • Respect the dignity of every patient
  • Add sustainable value to all stakeholders

Brief History

It was in the year 2012 that we stepped in to make a difference to medical tourism by joining hands with expert doctors, nurses and technicians to take care of all your medical needs. We started modestly and within no time built a reputation of providing world class service and care to patients from all over the world. We have come a long way and are recognized as a top health care service provider.

What we offer

  • We offer a complete package of wellness journey for patients looking for high class medical facilities at affordable rates.
  • The state of the art hospitals and expert medical practitioners ensure quick and efficient service.
  • We arrange consultations with doctors and assist in planning the treatment process.
  • Coordinate all appointments online so that there is no waiting time for patients. Fix appointments and schedule your travel.
  • We take care of stay arrangements (pre and post hospitalization) for our patients and for your family and friends as well.
  • Ensure successful and safe recovery of patients by providing world class health care.
  • All procedures for visiting international patients have been simplified so that you have a hassle free treatment process.

Medical Tourism Abroad is a leading & most trusted medical tourism agency in Australia facilitating medical holidays to Thailand, India, Singapore & Malaysia.

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