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Anterior Hip Replacement surgery has gained popularity today!

No wonder, the medical world is continuously evolving and latest methods of broken hip surgery through replacements are evidence. If you are wondering whether you need a hip replacement or not, then I would suggest you to have an idea of what it is all about. Mainly three common types of hip replacement surgery procedures are there –

  • Anterior
  • Posterior
  • Lateral

While posterior and lateral are already in use, anterior procedure is constantly gaining popularity for its effectiveness and various other advantages. Let’s dig in!

The idea of anterior hip replacement surgery

As the term ‘anterior’ suggests, the approach in this procedure is from the front side of your hip joint. The surgeon will make the incision of 4 inches around, and this is one of the main reasons why this method has become so acceptable. Here smaller incisions are done, that too with the help of advanced instruments increasing its efficiency.

Hip Replacement

“But what are the ultimate benefits?”

Well, there are quite some major benefits of this broken hip surgery procedure.

  • Major muscles remain less damaged:

Frontal opening causes less damage to your major muscles as they are fewer in number. The surgeon instead of cutting muscles, only separates the layers to reach the hip joint. Unlike other procedures, no repairs are required here, after surgery. Risk of hip dislocation reduced:

  • Risk of hip dislocation reduced:

With anterior hip replacement surgery, there is less risk of the replacement getting dislocated. This is a major worry that remains for the post-surgical phase. In this technique, since soft tissue structures and fewer muscles are disturbed, so there is less chance of patients suffering from a dislocation issue.

  • Anterior hip replacement surgery recovery time:

Interestingly, anterior hip replacement surgery recovery time is quite faster compared to other procedures. Typically, patients can walk on crutches after 2 to 3 days and within 4 weeks; they can resume their sedentary work. But before resuming driving, you must consult with your surgeon.

The recovery time varies according to the requirements and medical conditions of individual cases.

hip replacement patient

Let’s get to the next worrying factor! Anterior hip replacement surgery cost:

The total expense of this surgery is indeed expensive in Australia – be it in public or private health care centers. You have to be prepared with a lump sum amount for the whole treatment package. However, if you really want to avail a low cost but effective medical service, you should fly overseas.

I know this may sound irony, but hip replacement surgery cost is surprisingly lower in foreign countries than Australia. Not only does the total package come at an affordable rate, but also there’s no compromising with quality. With availability of state-of-the-art technology, they are capable of providing the best treatment at quickest possible time.

hip replacement surgery

A reliable medical tourism company will assist you in selecting the appropriate country, fixing an appointment with the top qualified surgeons and getting better treatment at reasonable price.

While I underwent the same surgery previous year, my husband and I also enjoyed an awesome vacation during this same trip, touring the country. So, that’s an added benefit you can have with medical tourism team.

“You deserve a better life. Gift yourself.”

Article Name
Anterior Hip Replacement surgery has gained popularity today!
August 31, 2016
While posterior and lateral are already in use, anterior procedure is constantly gaining popularity for its effectiveness and various advantages. Let’s dig in!

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