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Are you eligible for receiving Teeth Veneers?

Your smile is what greets someone only to give your first impression to that person. You know we hold our confidence in our smile. So, if you have to improve yours, teeth veneers are the option you can go for.
They can enhance the impression of your whole face. Veneers are customised shells that come in tooth colour for covering the front surface of your teeth and improve the appearance. Also known as porcelain veneers, these materials when applied properly can change the teeth colour, its size, shape and length.
Now, if you have decided to go for one, you must also know, not all are eligible for veneers teeth. You must pass in certain conditions for getting these dental coverings successfully.

You are eligible for Teeth Veneers if you have,

a. Good oral health: Like any other cosmetic dentistry, your teeth have to be in good health. Not only teeth, even the enamel and gums must be healthy enough. You have to be completely free form decay and cavities. Well, in case you have such problem, you can first go for a restoration treatment. After that you can receive veneers perfectly.

b. Free from gum disease: As I have already mentioned in the previous point that your gums should be in good health. They should be free from any disease to receive teeth veneers. Make it a point to treat the disease first.

Teeth Veneers

c. Sufficient enamel: It is important that you have sufficient tooth enamel as veneers stick to them. Or else, the veneers won’t have a strong bonding surface. If you ask, the dentist will remove enamel for placing that porcelain; well yes, he does, but not all. He leaves the underlying layer of the enamel.

d. Reasonable straight teeth: For receiving veneers, your teeth should be of reasonably even sized and well aligned. Also, there should not be larger gaps in between. Veneers can certainly improve your mildly crooked teeth, but people with severe misalignment are not good candidates. In their case, the porcelain is possible to crack.

e. No teeth grinding habit: Do you quite often chew your nails that lead to fractures and chips? If you have this habit of using your teeth as tools, for sure you cannot receive veneers teeth then. Reason? These habits can spoil your oral health.

f. For severe staining: Usually, teeth whitening is the solution chosen for stains but if they are severely dark, then whitening technique might not be of much help. Porcelain teeth veneers come to rescue. They can perfectly cover up even the discolouration caused from decay or previous fillings.

g. For correcting slight cosmetic imperfections: You can receive porcelain veneers if you have cosmetic imperfections that are not major. These have proved very effective solutions to conceal cracks or misshapen teeth.

Dental Veneers

Above all, you should practice good and hygienic dental habits. Remember that porcelain veneers would be placed on your natural teeth. If received in on healthy surface, these veneers teeth can last for years perfectly. So keep your teeth healthy by brushing regularly, obviously better if twice and visiting a dentist periodically.

Dental Veneers

Search for the most affordable option:
While the cost of cosmetic dentistry is quite expensive in Australia, the USA and UK, it is surprisingly cheaper overseas. With the rising demand for oral perfection, people are choosing to fly abroad and avail super quality service at affordable cost.
What you have to do is to contact an experienced and trustworthy medical tourism company. They have available resources to offer you a budget-friendly cost of cosmetic dentistry. They will not only make necessary arrangements for your treatment abroad, but also provide you post-treatment consultation and care back in Australia.
“It’s time for a smile makeover.”

Article Name
Are you eligible for receiving Teeth Veneers?
July 4, 2016
Your smile is what greets someone only to give your first impression to that person. You know we hold our confidence in our smile. So, if you have to improve yours, teeth veneers are the option you can go for.

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