How does Medical Tourism Work?

How does Medical Tourism work?

Medical treatment overseas has become popular over the years as the cost of healthcare has increased substantially in developed countries. Medical tourism in Asia offers cost effective treatments with no waiting period by world renowned doctors and physicians with international certifications and experience. The patients get high class healthcare at state of the art hospitals in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


The number one reason that people go to the Asian region for medical procedures is the low cost of treatment for both standard and complex medical procedures. The savings range from 20% – 80% compared to the cost of similar treatments in Australia, New Zealand or USA. Some people may worry that the low cost of treatment is due to low standards. The low cost is due to the lower administration, insurance and labor costs prevalent in these fast developing countries (India, Thailand, Malaysia and Thailand). Although the costs are low, the surgical procedures are performed by world class physicians and doctors considered experts in their respective fields.

High quality healthcare

The doctors, physicians and surgeons are educated, trained and experienced in Western countries. Most of them hold multiple educational qualifications in medicine and many years of experience in performing complicated and successful surgeries in top hospitals and medical centers around the world. The hospitals in Asia have world class infrastructure and facilities and have got accreditation from international organizations like ISO, JCAHO and JCI. The medical centers are also members of NIH (National Institutes of Health), a federal agency that gives financial and leadership support in the field of health and medicine.

Immediate access to healthcare services

In most developed countries including USA and UK the waiting period for most healthcare services are generally a couple of months to a year. In some cases the waiting period can be more than a year. When you choose medical tourism in the Asian region you get immediate access to healthcare services as you are placed on the priority list. The treatment process is scheduled immediately after you arrive in Asia.

Enjoy a vacation

Apart from treatment, patients can also choose to enjoy a perfect vacation with their loved ones. Asia has so much to offer for the discerning traveler looking for something new. The vacation can enable you to recuperate faster and get back to your normal lifestyle fast. The sights and sounds of a new country can work its magic on your overall health and you will be able to go back to your country completely refreshed.

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