Bangkok Hospital Phuket And Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

Being one of the best quality international hospitals in the whole of South East Asia, Medical Tourism Abroad is glad to have partnered with Bangkok Hospital Phuket. This institute of southern Thailand opened its doors on 22nd May, 1995. Over the years, their motto has always been to provide high-quality advanced treatment to patients.
Bangkok Hospital Phuket has received accreditation from Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement and Accreditation and Joint Commission International.

07 BIDC Treatment Room

Medical facilities provided:

They have a wide range of treatment options supported by state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. They cater to healthcare options like dental treatment, eye care and surgery, orthopaedic surgery, cardiology, urology, neurology, etc.
Under the same umbrella is PPSI or Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute that offers complete treatment support for plastic/cosmetic surgery. They have different packages including liposuction, brow lift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift, areola and nipple reduction, buttock implant and more.

Besides, they also offer facilities like –

  • Accommodation – Our medical tourists can seek accommodation of their choice starting from comfortable private to luxurious presidential suites. The rooms are well furnished.
  • Room facilities – You can get room facilities like air conditioning, electric kettle, private bathroom, television, telephone, complete nursing care system and even complimentary Thai message.
  • Emergency Medical Care – All sorts of emergency medical care services have been arranged for international patients like referral service, trauma centre, mobile I.C.U., ambulance service, etc.

07 BIDC Treatment Room

Both the institutes are prepared to cater to all your medical issues, no matter how complex they are. There are various packages you can choose from as per your budget. With us, you can ensure to get high-quality results at best affordable prices.

Special services to medical tourists:

  • Interpreters for our foreign patients:
    The hospital has special arrangements for medical tourists. As they boast of, they are true to their spirit of ‘Thai-ness hospitality’ to all our international patients. Apart from high level of sanitization and extremely personalised care from the team, none of our patients will have a language barrier.
    There are interpreters who will ensure the hospital team and international patients have smooth communication to understand medical issues and provide better treatment.
  • Different centers:
    Once you seek medical treatment from this institute, you can also avail facilities like embassy assistance, email contact centre, Muslim prayer room, international medical coordinators, transportation and more.
  • 07 BIDC Treatment Room

  • Additional facilities for medical tourists:
    The institutes ensure complete assistance that patients require in a foreign country. There are banks, ATMs, coffee corner, canteen, parking area, internet centre, garden area, gift shop, beauty salon, etc.
    When patients are travelling to a foreign land for availing medical treatment, they need to make arrangements like fixing appointment, arranging visa, flight booking, accommodation, food, airport transfers, and even sightseeing. All these things will be taken care of, and patients can rest assured to come home with successful results.
    Due to well connection by air, reaching there would not be any hassle, especially when Medical Tourism Abroad is there at your service. We make sure you can avail the best of everything from this internationally acclaimed hospital.

Medical Tourism Abroad is a leading & most trusted medical tourism agency in Australia facilitating medical holidays to Thailand, India, Singapore & Malaysia.

Medical Tourism Abroad is a leading & most trusted medical tourism agency in Australia facilitating medical holidays to Thailand, India, Singapore & Malaysia.

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