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Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants

Medical Tourism Abroad offers Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty) and Breast Implants Thailand.

Medical Tourism Abroad is a medical tour and travels organizing company providing Australians with opportunities to undergo the best healthcare treatments and procedures abroad. Do you wish to undergo breast augmentation or breast implants? Well, we have tie-ups with world-leading surgeons in Thailand and other popular destinations providing premium cosmetic surgery treatments through various procedures to patients round the year.

But before proceeding, it is important to have a fair idea about this particular surgery. Let’s get into the details.


What is breast augmentation?

Mammoplasty or breast augmentation is a form of cosmetic surgery performed on female breasts to give them an improved form and contour. Numerous women have undergone this procedure for a better size, shape, and appearance of these body parts with the primary objective being to enhance the overall appeal of the body.

Why is breast augmentation surgery gaining popularity?

From the viewpoint of a proper medical procedure, a breast augmentation surgery is carried out in cases of: –

  • Mastectomy, repairing chest wounds caused by the removal of a breast which was diagnosed as cancerous.
  • Reconciliation of congenital defects of a breast/s.
  • Correction of an improperly contoured chest wall.
  • From the purely elective and cosmetic point of view, numerous breast augmentation surgery procedures are availed by females simply to enhance the overall appeal of their breasts.

What are the different procedures of breast augmentation surgery?

This type of plastic surgery is carried out in two different procedures, viz.: –

  • Breast implants
  • Fat-graft mammoplasty

Breast Implants shape

Breast implants:

It is in essence prosthesis, i.e. an artificial device, non-natural object is used to replace a missing body part. In this case, the prosthetic body part is a female breast. Breast Implants are used to enhance shape, size, and contour of a female breast.

There are 3 types of breast implants as per their filling material. Viz.: –

  • Saline breast implants – An elastomer silicone shell filled with a sterile saline solution.
  • Saline breast implants – An elastomer silicone shell replete with viscous silicone gelatinous solution.
  • Alternative types of breast implants which have different filling materials such as polypropylene string, soy oil etc.

The latter types of breast implants are banned in America and also throughout Europe due to the health hazards which are related to it. Our professionals strictly recommend using the first two instead of the last type.

Again, there are different types of breast implants as per their emplacement. These are: –

  • Subglandular
  • Subfascial
  • Subpectoral
  • Submuscular

over vs under implant muscle

Individuals should confer with respective surgeons to make the proper choice of emplacement or types of breast implants.

What is the breast augmentation surgery time-period and post-procedure rehab time?

An ordinary and proper procedure takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours’ time; however, complex operations require more time with further surgical procedures.

6 weeks of rehabilitation after a breast augmentation surgery, the individual will be able to continue with daily life. Surgical scars from the surgery normally fade in between this time period.

What are the complications attached to it?

  • Breast Pain.
  • Hindrance in breastfeeding function.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Altered sensation.
  • Seroma or fluid accumulation.
  • Symmastia or interruption to the natural plane of a breast.

Some of these complications are common and recede with time. However, as our professionals say, these recurrences are to be kept under observation via MRI monitoring at regular intervals. Consulting the proper authorities in such situations is mandatory.

Our team and network of experienced professionals can ensure minimal complications post-procedure as you will be treated by the best cosmetic surgeons in the world using state-of-the-art equipment.

What are breast augmentation expenses on an average?

The Average cost of such surgeries is around $6600 in Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane.

Is there any low-cost alternative to breast augmentation?

One of the foremost reasons of avoiding these surgical procedures is the expenses which are attached to it. However, if you are interested in such procedures, there are more inexpensive options which come with it such as Thailand Breast Augmentation.

Thailand Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular choices for individuals throughout the world. Breast implants Thailand have become one of the hotspots of this surgical procedure over the last 3 years with an estimated 1.2 million individuals opting for it. Along with this, cosmetic surgeries like Thailand Breast Augmentation is increasing at a rate of 80% per year.


What are the benefits of Breast augmentation in Thailand?

  • Inexpensive; the expenses of all types of breast implants Thailand are lesser compared to those in Australia and USA including all overhead costs such conveyance, lodging etc.
  • Adhering to global standards of quality; Breast implants Thailand cater to Mentor and Natrelle products which are globally recognized.
  • Added benefits of a proper rehabilitation period which can also be used as a vacation.

Breast implants Thailand are the same as in the major countries, in fact better. Surgical procedures and staff showcase the same level of expertise to guarantee a successful Breast augmentation Thailand.

How to avail Breast Implants Thailand?

We, at Medical Tourism Abroad, provide with a complete package for a successful, low-cost breast augmentation Thailand. Not to mention, the personal touch we provide will make sure you end up having a whale of a time. The package itself will contain: –

  • Management and Conveyance to and fro from the healthcare venue.
  • Complete coordination with healthcare authorities to ensure zero waiting time.
  • Post-treatment hospitality at the venue including lodging and other amenities.
  • Post-return feedback and treatment facilities.

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