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Are you willing to go for breast reduction surgery abroad? Well, at Medical Tourism Abroad, we are pioneers in providing healthcare treatments and procedures in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. We take care of every single aspect which a patient might face in these medical tours with a record of happy and smiling customers returning home safe, sound and beautiful.

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What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure which deals with the reduction of large female breasts. Also known as reduction mammoplasty, this surgical procedure is availed by women who have exceedingly large breasts. Through this method, these body parts can be reduced to a more compelling and appealing size and form.

It is the process of removing surplus fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breast to give it a more proportionate size and shape. Breast Reduction mammoplasty is a plastic or cosmetic surgery but is also carried out for medical benefits such as: –

  • A heavy bust leads to back and shoulder pain, not to mention other physical incompatibilities as well. In this case, a reduction mammoplasty is a viable option for women to relieve themselves of such ailments.
  • Post-lactating periods are when breasts tend to enlarge and sag at the same time. A reduction mammoplasty surgery can help middle-aged women to avoid similar complications in the future.

As professionals with us say, there are two types of large breast reduction mammoplasty: –

  • Lejour technique which involves a surgical incision for removal of unwanted fat and tissue.
  • Liposuction technique which is a non-surgical process.


What are the pre-requisites for a successful large breast reduction mammoplasty?

There are multiple factors as per the medical condition of a patient which can ascertain the success percentage of a large breast reduction. The most important and common factors are: –

  • Age of the individual.
  • The Medical and physiological condition of the individual as per feminine life-cycle.
  • The Presence of intrinsic medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity etc.
  • Other external behavioral factors such as smoking, drinking etc. which might affect post reduction mammoplasty complications.

However, a large breast reduction procedure can be undertaken by any willing individual who has this physical complication herself.

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What are the complications which come with large breast reduction surgeries?

Any and every cosmetic surgery has with it certain sacrosanct probable complications. Being mostly plastic and surgical in nature, the common complications of a large breast reduction procedure are: –

  • Seroma whence a pocket of translucent serous fluid accumulates at the point of the surgical incision.
  • Breast Hematoma which is the collection of blood within a breast due to internal bleeding.
  • Wound Dehiscence where a wound ruptures along the point or line of surgical incision.
  • Nipple-areola complex necrosis.

However, we can safeguard you from these complications by providing you with the best possible doctors, surgeons, and specialists boasting years of expertise. We have tied up with different healthcare centers abroad who offer personalized treatment to foreign patients from Australia. They make sure you are exposed to minimum side-effects post-surgery.

What are the rehab and time periods for breast reduction recovery?

The procedure itself takes 2 to 4 hours’ time. Rehabilitation time is between 12 to 15 days and return to daily work schedules is 4 to 6 weeks for a complete breast reduction recovery.
Also, there are certain post-treatment behavioral traits which may cause complications in the future and thereby leave a proper breast reduction recovery incomplete are: –

  • Smoking (Very harmful for breast reduction recovery.)
  • Indulging in high sugar food
  • Beverages
  • Surplus high protein diet

Although a breast reduction recovery varies with individuals, stats suggest that proper procedures lead to only 10% of the patients complaining of minor temporary complications.

What are the best breast reduction options you have?

These procedures cost above $6000 in Australia and similarly so in the USA and Europe. However, Nowadays, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and India are among the leading destinations for these procedures due to the fact that they are able to provide high quality at considerably affordable prices.

We, at Medical Tourism Abroad, have multiple liaisons with medical institutions at these destinations allowing smooth logistics to the numerous patients who have already benefitted with our services.

Breast reduction and similar cosmetic surgeries are affordably viable for any individual who will end up spending less in these countries than theirs, even after accounting for overhead expenses such as transport, lodging, hospitality etc. Also the breast reduction recovery period can be taken as a vacation which acts as an addendum.

Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad:

We, at Medical Tourism Abroad, provide complete packages for breast reduction surgery abroad by taking care of every detail which an individual might require to account for. Give us a call today and check out the options available for you.

Medical Tourism Abroad is a leading & most trusted medical tourism agency in Australia facilitating medical holidays to Thailand, India, Singapore & Malaysia.

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