Bumrungrad International Hospital: Successfully serving over 500000 medical tourists every year!

Medical Tourism Abroad is extremely proud to have partnered with the most renowned Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. The initiative is to provide our patients with the highest standard treatment, expanding our horizon.

Bumrungrad International Hospital holds a reputation worldwide for being the most trustable destination for medical tourists. This multispecialty hospital, operating since 1980, provides the best of medical treatments to 520000+ international patients out of the 1.1 million per year.

Prized accreditations: Our many reasons to choose this hospital

  • The institution is the first in Asia to have received accreditation from Joint Commission International.
  • It is now among the largest private hospitals operating across Southeast Asia.
  • It is the only hospital that has been honoured with A-HA Advance Hospital Accreditation recently.
  • They have more than 350 standards in their checklist.
  • Medical tourists from over 190 countries come to this institute for their proven standard and quality.


We, at Medical Tourism Abroad, have strived and promised to provide you with the top-notch medical assistance. With us, you can now conveniently access this world-class hospital for the most successful treatments.

The exclusive facilities they offer:

Eye SurgeryBumrungrad International Hospital is well-equipped with 580 beds and has more than 30 specialty centres. They cater to a wide range of medical services including vision correction with LASIK, Phaco and IOL lens, total hip replacement surgery, joint replacement, breast augmentation, rhytidectomy (face lift), hair transplantation, cardiology, physiotherapy and a lot more.

They have exclusive packages for our international patients that you can avail at affordable prices.



FAQs on facilities specifically for international patients:

This globally acclaimed medical institution provides a luxurious, internal atmosphere much like a Five Star rated hotel. They assure our patients to have the finest level of comfort even in the foreign land.

    • What are the accommodation facilities?

They offer an excellent in-hospital lodging facility. The rooms have been equipped with amenities like electronically adjustable beds, cable television, air conditioning, personal medication cabinet, guest settee, etc. Patients are ensured utmost safety as well.

    • How much will the rooms in the hospital cost?

International patients are offered with a varying price range from low to high. Rooms with four beds cost around $161 per night, while royal suites cost around $935. A single deluxe room would charge up to $370 around for one night. You can choose as per your preference.

    • Which language should you communicate with?

Interpreters are available at Bumrungrad, specifically for foreign patients to ensure no communication problem arises between the patients and doctors. There are representatives who can speak Thai, English, Burmese, Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, German, Bengali, Mongolian, Spanish, Persian, Italian, even sign language and more.

So, language won’t be a barrier in understanding your health problems.

Availability of separate travel agency

Eye SurgeryBumrungrad has a separate travel agency of its own. Although at Medical Tourism Abroad, we take care of your visa program; in the case of visa extension, we collaborate with this agency to manage all procedures efficiently. Our patients don’t have to go through any hassle.

They also arrange for air tickets, transportation to the airport, hotel reservation and even local tour facilities for our patients from Australia.



Apart from this, the hospital has –

  • Internationally acclaimed and experienced doctors for effective treatment.
  • Well-trained medical team and efficient nurses to offer personalised care. /li>
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for advanced medical procedures

Bumrungrad International Hospital has a great contribution in making Thailand one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. It is a one-stop centre for all medical issues of patients across the globe. Hence, if you wish to avail such top quality treatment offered at exciting rates from Bumrungrad, give us a call today!

Let us all encourage a life worth living!

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