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Cataract Surgery – Cataract Surgery Cost Abroad

Avail Advanced Cataract Surgery with Medical Tourism Abroad! Keys for all visionary problems!

Sometimes, we experience clouded or almost opaque vision; it mostly happens with age. Are you having the same issue? You might require cataract surgery then. Medical Tourism Abroad will provide you cataract surgery abroad services in Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide, Perth. But before that, it is important to understand what cataract is all about.

What are cataracts?

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Your eyes have natural lenses that are positioned just behind the pupil and the iris. When these lenses get clouded, it is known as cataract. If not operated, the patient will gradually loose his/her vision.As per statistics, around 33% of visual impairment is caused by cataracts across the globe. People above 40 are more likely to have cataracts and chances increase as they age.

Different symptoms of cataracts:

  • Vision blurring
  • Colour fading
  • Problem with bright lights, etc.

This issue can be cured only through cataract removal surgery. However, nowadays, with advancement in the medical world, various techniques have been introduced to correct vision. We offer support for all advanced procedures to cater to your individual requirements that too at affordable cataract surgery cost abroad.
We take you to the best doctors abroad, who not only correct your farsightedness, nearness or Astigmatism but also treat at reduced cataract surgery cost abroad. They make use of IOL or intraocular lens for restoring your vision, almost eliminating your eyeglass dependency.
Medical Tourism Abroad ensures you undergo a safe and successful cataract surgery without any sort of complications.

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Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery:

Most patients who come to us have this confusion with Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery. Both these diseases are you can say, natural companions of ageing. In fact, people above might also have both.

Glaucoma – It is mainly a group of eye diseases that affects the optic nerve, taking away the vision. There is no prior warning and symptom.

Cataract – This is cloudiness when your natural eye lenses become opaque. They fail to focus light once again affecting the eyesight.
Eye specialists at Medical Tourism Abroad advise doing a thorough diagnosis to track the actual problem before undergoing Glaucoma and Cataract surgery.

What is involved in cataract surgery procedure?

The Cataract Surgery Cost differs according to the procedures and The first step is to widen your pupil with a drop. Next, you will be given local Anaesthesia – that can be injection or drops. During the cataract surgery procedure, your surgeon will cut your cornea and insert a small probe, emitting ultrasound waves. These waves hit your affected lens and break it into pieces. After liquefying them, these pieces are sucked out.
Your surgeon will then replace it with an artificial lens by injecting in the cornea through the cut. However, there are exceptional cases when the surgeon might need to make a larger incision and small stitches are made to close it.
Medical Tourism Abroad offers 360° solutions, even for the most complicated cases with advanced cataract surgery.

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What is laser cataract surgery?

Laser cataract surgery is one of the most efficient and latest techniques that eliminate the use of blades or other surgical hand-held tools. Laser is used for the following purposes –

  • To make corneal incisions
  • To remove anterior lens capsule
  • To fragment or break cataract

What is the Cataract Surgery Time?

The total cataract surgery time required for this technique typically is 30 to 45 minutes. That again might vary according to the complicacy of the individual case. Cataract surgery recovery is also quite fast; it starts improving within few weeks.
Due to this quick cataract surgery time as well as the recovery period, more people are opting for this convenient option.

What is the Cataract Surgery Cost?

Cataract surgery cost is lesser in foreign countries than in Australia. To give you an idea, the average cost of cataract surgery in India starts from around $2000. Again, in Thailand, the cataract surgery cost begins from $2200. Australia cost will cut your pocket.
We, at Medical Tourism Abroad, provide you with the best affordable packages of cataract surgery cost for your quality treatment.

What more do we have for you?

Being the most trusted and reliable medical tourism company in Australia, we make all the arrangements that you require for the trip. Besides, we also provide post cataract surgery care back home in Australia.
So, you can stay assured to have complete support and assistance for correcting your visionary issues from Medical Tourism Abroad. Want to avail low cataract surgery cost yet with high quality? Fly with us at the earliest! Let your eyes shine gloriously for years!

Medical Tourism Abroad is a leading & most trusted medical tourism agency in Australia facilitating medical holidays to Thailand, India, Singapore & Malaysia.

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