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Check out the alternatives to teeth whitening

Like everything else around, have you noticed the change in smiles for last few years? They are just turning whiter over time. Those days when people used to go awestruck at the celeb’s sparkling white teeth are now history. It’s time to act as you can, too, get an enhanced appearance of your teeth.

While teeth whitening are a great and common option for restoring the lost spark, not everyone is suited to undergo such treatment. The reason being, health conditions vary with persons, and each has their individual set of problems. Also, you won’t make a good candidate for this procedure if you have –

  • Extremely darkened teeth
  • Crowns, fillings or other restoration previously

Also, if you use certain whitening gels, there are chances of damaging your teeth health due to the presence of potentially toxic chemicals. So, as doctors say, products are a big No…No!

So what’s the best alternative option for teeth whitening?

‘Veneers’ and ‘Bonding’.

1. Let us start with dental veneers:

These thin porcelain or plastic sheets are considered to be ideal alternatives to teeth whitening procedure. They can recreate the natural look of your teeth by adhering to their surface.

Dental Veneers are generally used to fix problems like –
a. Discoloured and extremely stained teeth
b. Broken teeth
c. Worn down teeth
d. Close gaps between teeth
e. Align misaligned or uneven set of tooth

Dental Veneers are very effective in protecting your teeth in the long for further damage. Unlike your natural set, veneers teeth won’t lose their colour even if you smoke, bleach or drink beverages like coffee.

Teeth Veneers

Types of Dental Veneers:

Well, a few years back when I went for a similar dental procedure, I came to know that there are basically two different types of dental veneers.

Porcelain and Composite Veneers

  • Porcelain veneers: Teeth Veneers made from thin sheets of porcelain are known as porcelain veneers. They provide a strong support and are mostly chosen by people who are looking for little alterations in the shape, size and even colour of teeth. These are customised in a way to fit your tooth perfectly.

How is it done?

Your dentist will first analyze your oral condition, take an impression and X-Ray of the teeth and sent it to the laboratory. The final cosmetic veneer is made there. If placed accurately by an experienced dentist, porcelain veneers would last for 15 long years.

  • Composite veneers: Made of white filling material, these are directly bonded onto your tooth by the dentists. Unlike porcelain ones, these are less expensive. The unique feature of composite veneers is that they can be customized as necessary while doing the procedure. These can last from 7 to 9 years but need good maintenance also. Again, if stained, these can be repaired easily applying that similar technique of placing complete teeth veneers used initially.

2. After veneers teeth, it’s Bonding: 

Another alternative of teeth whitening, dental bonding is used to repair cracked or chipped teeth. The material used for bonding is made of composite resins. Here’s how they can help –

  • to recolour the discoloured teeth
  • to fill gaps that are unsightly
  • to fix any cracked tooth
  • to reshape an uneven one

Veneers Teeth

How is it done?

a. First, a solution that has mild chemical content is applied on that particular tooth. Your dentist does it to roughen the surface that ultimately fixes bonding material to your tooth.

b. Once that resin is applied, that tooth is shaped properly by your dentist.

c. He works carefully to give this new layer a uniform colour that obviously looks natural.

d. When that required colour is worked out, your dentist will next polish the teeth to give you a sparkling smile.

Consult your dentist for further options:

These two are the most preferred options that I have shared with you. However, your doctor can best help you with the final solution based on your circumstance. As most people are flying overseas to get alternative teeth whitening treatment of top-notch quality, you can hire the reliable medical tourism firm and get treated with internationally acclaimed dentists at affordable price.

Medical Tourism

“Let your smile extend your healthy life.” 

Article Name
Check out the alternatives to teeth whitening
June 27, 2016
While teeth whitening are a great and common option for restoring the lost spark, it is not for everyone. Know what are the alternatives for teeth whitening.

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