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Dental Crowns and Bridges for Teeth

Enhance your teeth’s beauty with dental crowns and bridges at Medical Tourism Abroad

They say, “Always wear your invisible crown.” But we say, “Always wear your visible crown proudly.” Well, we are talking about the dental crowns and bridges that give you hygienic oral health and enhance your facial appearance as well. These are one of the most efficient tools to treat from tooth decay to severe tooth damage. Not only that, but dental crowns also align your teeth if they are irregular.

Are you wondering what are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are prosthetics devices used to cover broken tooth and restore its natural shape. While dentures are removable, these devices are fixed with cement to your existing natural teeth. Here are some situations when you might require crowns.

  • For protecting a weak tooth
  • While attaching bridges for teeth
  • For replacing large filling in case there is no enough remaining tooth
  • For covering a dental implant
  • To cover the tooth that had RCT or Root Canal Treatment.
  • For restoring fractured tooth

Dental Crowns

Before going ahead with the treatment, our skilled and qualified team at Medical Tourism Abroad analyses the real cause in your case. Our services cater to the individual needs of our patients.

What materials are used in crowns?

Materials like porcelain, ceramic and even fusions are also used.

Dental crown procedure – What is involved?

Dental Crowns

First Visit:

In your first visit to the dentist, he will take impressions of your natural tooth and prepare a crown maintaining the original color of your tooth. For the time, he will place a temporary crown.

#Step 1:

After numbing the area, your dentist will trim some amount of tooth structure. This is done to provide adequate strength to the dental crown and give appropriate shape. If a large area is missing, he will build it up using the filling material.

#Step 2:

After taking impressions, this prepared tooth will be covered with a temporary crown to protect it till it is replaced by the final crown.

Second Visit of Dental crown procedure:

In your second visit, your dentist will numb the area. Then he will permanently place the crown on your tooth using cement after removing temporary one.

Teeth Crowns

What is the next best alternative?

Well, the next best option is dental implants. However, whether you need dental implants or not will be recommended by your dentist after a thorough assessment of your oral condition.

Is any special care required for your dental crowns?

The health of your dental crowns depend on the health of adjacent teeth. So, you must take proper care by brushing and flossing after every meal. Experienced surgeons overseas will best guide you.

What is the Dental Crown Cost?

Dental Crown ProcedureLet us tell you that the dental crowns cost vary according to cases of different patients. Usually for complicated cases, difficulty level remains higher. So, only after initial examination can the price be specified to you.

However, the reason behind people flying overseas is the dental crown cost Australia. The price of dental treatment here is too expensive as no guidelines have been provided on it to restrict. If you want to really save your pocket and avail a cost-effective service, it’s always better to travel to Thailand. The cost of treatment is surprisingly less there.

At Medical Tourism Abroad, we have a well connection with the best proficient dentists overseas. Our main objective is to let you access their excellent and trusted services on teeth crowns and other dental issues besides saving around 75%.

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