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Dental Implants – Cost of Dental Implants Thailand

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Of what dentistry was many years ago, dental implants have been a major change enhancing the overall lifestyle of millions today. Lifestyle because your good oral health has a great contribution in building up your personality and confidence. We understand how a decayed, broken or missing tooth is embarrassing for you. But with various advanced dental treatments and their ease of accessibility, you can now improve the aesthetics of your face as well as oral health.

“Restricting your face to smile is no smart job.”

Dental Implants – an effective solution

Affordable Dental Implants Thailand

If you have a missing tooth, you can easily replace it for the most natural appearance with dental implants. This is a surgical method of replacing a decayed tooth or missing tooth with metal posts into the gum. Dental implant not only gives you back natural functioning teeth, but also offers a good oral health.

The process of getting dental implants:

Dental Tourism Prices

The experts at Medical Tourism Abroad recommend every patient to first understand the process they will be going through. Most people panic at the thought of dental surgery; hence it is very important for the patient to understand and be more stable while undergoing dental implant surgery.

  • Your oral surgeon will insert the artificial implant into your gum for a protection from any force. Time is given for healing the jawbone which then surrounds the implant firmly.
  • In the meantime, your new tooth will be prepared following proper impressions
  • Next, after it is properly healed, an abutment or small connector post is placed for holding your new artificial tooth.
  • The surgeon then carefully and accurately fixes the new tooth to the abutment.


  • Your new teeth will be created by matching with your existing natural teeth.
  • Usually, the common procedure of dental implant followed is staged surgery. But that again varies according to the individual requirements of the patients.

Will there be pain after anesthesia goes off?

After surgery, there won’t be an excruciating pain but you might feel a little discomfort in that area. Your surgeon will prescribe you medications for quick healing.

Is there any food restriction post-surgery?

Try to avoid hard food and instead go for soft eatables that don’t create much biting force, just after surgery. Make sure to include nutritious items in your diet chart. The dentist will give you a proper recommendation as per your condition.

Are Dental Tourism Prices high?

If you are thinking of getting treated in Australia, we must inform you that you have to be prepared with a huge amount of finance then. As there is no policy or limitation on cost of dental treatments in Australia, so dentists here charge any amount to burn your pocket.

“Life is too short; smile while you still have teeth.” If you don’t have, go for dental implants abroad.

Dental Implants in Thailand

What’s the best alternative then?

Thailand is one of the best countries to offer dental treatment. With technological advancement and extremely qualified dentists, this country provides the most effective solutions to all dental problems apart from dental implant.

Dental Implants in Thailand Costs:

Now, coming to the cost factor, Thailand is again preferred for its affordable dental implants cost. If you want to know the actual value, that can only be calculated after we see your medical reports and assess your present condition. But for an approximate idea, the cost of dental implants in Thailand starts from USD 2000.

Dental Implants in Thailand Costs

Relax! With Medical Tourism Abroad, you can now avail treatment for dental implants in Thailand conveniently. You don’t have to worry about dentist, flights, accommodation and the whole trip. We shall provide you with thorough guidance on everything helping you in making arrangements.

Just dial either number – +61401850667/+61422409456 or you can directly fill up the enquiry form. Make sure to send your dental X-ray reports and other related medical documents along with. Only after proper assessment, we can go ahead with the medical trip.

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