Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

Difference between Lasik & PRK Eye Laser Surgery

Okay, so you are going to get a laser eye surgery and as usual confused between Lasik and PRK, right? I said ‘as usual’ because it’s the case similar for most people. Though both these laser treatments give out same outcomes, there are certain differences you should be aware of.

Introduction to Lasik and PRK:

Let us first get introduced to the two terms.

  • LASIK –

    • Full name: Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis

    • Purpose: Fixes vision problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism through refractive surgery with laser.

    • Process: On the eye’s surface, a thin flap is cut out and laser is used to shape the tissue below. This flap gets automatically healed once the process is done.

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

  • PRK –

    • Full name: Photorefractive Keratectomy

    • Purpose: Modifies the corner of the eye for correcting vision problems.

    • Process: With the help of laser, the shape of the eye’s surface is changed by sculpting instead of cutting.

Difference between Lasik and PRK eye laser surgery

While both aiming at eliminating the use of spectacles or contact lenses, the main difference is that –

  1. In Lasik, epithelium or eye surface is softened by using anaesthetic eye drops. The exposed cornea after cutting the flap gets treated with laser to reshape. Later, the corneal flap gets swapped.

In PRK, the epithelium is vaporized or removed completely, unlike Lasik, to treat the cornea. The removed epithelium cells need a period of time to regenerate after the PRK procedure.

  1. Lasik causes less pain, while PRK is a bit painful process, as again, the epithelium is removed.

  1. The recovery period for Lasik is less and quick. It will take a day or two for you to resume your daily chores. PRK requires a bit longer time to recover; about a couple of days.


Risk Factor

There is nothing significant to be scared of, as medical treatments might have their own risk factors.

This choice between PRK and Lasik is like choosing to cut your hand with an axe or a sword.”

Most surgeons prefer doing Lasik. Reason being, this epithelium is a protection between the cornea and outer environment. So, in PRK, the removal of eye surface may cause complications like scarring in later age. Though, medical science today has offered options to treat these issues.

Other than these, some common problems for both are regression, chronic dry eyes, pain, and night vision.

Patient eligibility for Lasik Eye Surgery

Now apart from all these, the patient’s condition is an equally important factor in both the cases. However, as per most recommendations, if you choose the Lasik method of laser eye surgery, check out what you have to qualify.

Criteria for Lasik surgery:

  • Your age should be atleast 18 and above

  • Physical health must be in good condition

  • You must not be affected by cataracts, optic nerve disease, keratoconus, corneal disease, etc.

  • Don’t go for this option if you have dry eyes

  • You must have a stable vision for the last one year of surgery date.

Eye Laser Surgery

Going overseas is a better option

Eye laser surgeries overseas are being preferred by patients for a variety of purposes including low cost of Laser Eye Surgery and best quality service.

If you do it in Australia, the average cost of eye surgery per eye would be around $2499. But, in countries like India, the approximate cost would be around $500 to $1000; that too for both eyes. So, you can guess the benefit! Other facilities that will include are –

  1. Financial support for treatment from medical financial agencies

  2. High quality services with advanced medical technology

  3. Immediate attention from doctors with reduced waiting time

  4. Best available medical experts to attend you

  5. Extended facilities to treat most critical problems

There are companies that conduct these medical trips abroad. They will offer you the much needed guidance all through the process.

Eyes are two gifts to be proud of.”

Above all, it’s better to talk to the doctor himself who will recommend the right option for you based on your physical and eye condition. Good Day!

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