Expensive Dental Implant Costs in Australia? You Must Know the Best Alternative

‘A happy smile makes the day brighter.’ A smile can even speak the language that words cannot express. The major part of your smile depends on teeth. Have you noticed that people with bad teeth get very conscious? There is no doubt about the fact that teeth affect your personality. If you are facing any teeth related problem, it’s time to get it fixed without burning a hole in your pocket with affordable dental implants.

I have seen many people avoiding dental treatment in Australia due to the extreme high medical costs. The average cost dental implants in Australia are almost thrice more than in Asian countries. Now, there is a way to avail abroad services! There, get teeth surgery done at low cost, with better facilities and also enjoy a small trip after treatment with medical tourism.

Are you interested to know about the alternatives? Why not check out below?

Do you know about the best abroad dental service?

WHO has done a survey to show which of the countries are suffering from major teeth issues. Most of the Australian countries have a high dental problem. This depends a lot on food habit and lifestyle. The canned food we eat here, in Australia, has high sugar content in it. The result of it is ‘more trouble prone enamel’. People all over Australia suffer from the same.


In the map, Green and Blue areas have low cavity rate; this means there is fewer teeth problems. From here, it’s easy to make out that Asians have one of the best set of teeth in the world. Among all Asian countries, Thailand is the world’s one of the top-rated countries for dentistry. Dental Implants Thailand services are provided by medical tourism in Australia as they send the patient abroad to prevail the best service.

Are you bothered about the cost for taking abroad medical services?

Dental implants abroad services, to your surprise, are much cheap there. There are proper medical tour guides, the medical tourism companies, who can plan the entire trip including tickets, transport from the airport, stay, hospital and doctor service. All of these will cost less than you have to pay in Australia. Along with that, you can also spend few days exploring the new place after treatment.

Dental implants abroad costs and comparison:

The type of treatment required for fixing your teeth determines the price you have to pay. Average cost dental implants in Australia is much higher than it is in Thailand.





Dental consultation

$ 500


$11.36 AUD


$ 400


$75 AUD

Missing Tooth Implant



$320 AUD

Root Canal

$1700 – $2700


$400 AUD

Implant Crown

$1500- $2200

8939.33 – 17878

$340- $618 AUD

Full Dental Implant

$5500 – $ 6500


$1021 AUD

Know about the perks of taking abroad medical tourism. My recommendation is not only based on cost effectiveness of Dental implants abroad, but they also have other privileges. Not only the technology is very advanced and the hospitals have many amenities, but they also have enough skilled doctors, so you never have to wait.

Are you aware of Thailand’s achievement in dentistry?

It is very much clear, that Thailand has more affordable dental implants which are also very successful. In 2013, IDS (International Dental Show) was held where 149 countries participated in Bangkok. BIDC (Bangkok International Dental Center) has awarded Dental implants Thailand as the leading implant and restorative dentistry in the world.

How has medical tourism been helpful?

In my personal experience, opting for medical tourism is much more beneficial. I can say this because of last year before Halloween; I took my father to get a full teeth implant surgery done. Believe me, when they quoted the price, for a moment I thought I might have to sell a part of my house. So, I took a chance with medical tourism service. Miraculously, they fixed everything within just 15 days. A medical trip to Thailand plus average cost dental implants was lesser than they quoted here.


There was a bonus too; I spent 4 days exploring Thailand after dad’s teeth implant surgery. I know other people who have availed this same service and are entirely satisfied with it. It’s my personal suggestion that if you are looking for affordable dental implants with some extra like a quick vacation, you should certainly opt for Dental Implants Thailand. Khob Khun Ka (thank you)!

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