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Eye care treatment is now convenient with Medical Tourism Abroad! Get best quality treatment!

Eyes! The mirror of your soul; the window of your heart and the powerful small instruments to see the vast sky! Indeed, there cannot be any substitute for the value of our eyes. And when these are the victims of aging or other problems, life seems to be more pathetic, isn’t it? Well, with Medical Tourism Abroad, you can now correct your refractive vision issues through advanced eye care treatment.
We cater to different corrective approaches of cosmetic eye surgery like laser surgery, reshaping through – LASIK or PRK as per individual’s requirements to improve vision.

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

World-class eye care treatment overseas:

Treating eye problems or getting a surgery done would be an expensive affair in Australia. But in countries like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia or Singapore, you can access high-quality medical service at extremely low rates. In case you are looking forward to getting affordable eye care specialists, Medical Tourism Abroad can help you out. We have partnered with top eye surgery clinic in those South-east Asian countries. Add on to that; you can also enjoy a short vacation during your medical trip.
Going by the reports; more than 15,000 of Australians travel overseas to avail top-class medical treatment including cosmetic eye surgery.

Some FAQs you might be wondering on cosmetic eye surgery:

    1. What are the advantages of flying abroad?

  • Personalised care from trained attendees
  • Extremely low cost
  • Top quality eye care treatment
  • No waiting time
  • High-level of satisfaction
  • With Medical Tourism Abroad, travelling overseas is a very convenient and hassle-free affair now. Connect with us to know what’s more!

    2. What procedures should you avail?

    Different individuals require different techniques to treat their eye conditions. We have partnered with various renowned clinics providing all kinds of eye surgery procedures that you require. Medical Tourism Abroad ensures you the best advanced service of cosmetic eye surgery in the appropriate country

    3. Would the treatment be safe?

    Of course! Your safety is our prior concern. All the eye surgery proceduresare 100% safe as you would be availing them from the top-most surgeons. And in case, some technique is not suitable for you; the eye care specialists will suggest you for a safe alternative.

    eye care specialists

    4. What would be the cost of cosmetic eye surgery?

    Travelling abroad gives you this major benefit of low cost treatment. However, the price would vary with procedures followed by eye care specialists. For instance, laser surgery cost in Australia would be around $2500 each eye. However, that in Thailand or India would be $500 to $1000 approx., that too for two eyes. Once we know your issue, we can then give you a close idea on cost of eye surgery.
    One additional information; Medical Tourism Abroad has this facility of medical finance for your emergency monetary needs. We make sure you get treated conveniently on time.

    5. What if any post-treatment complicacy arises after cosmetic eye surgery?

    Usually, there is a minimum chance of any such complicacy with treatment from eye care specialists in Abroad. But in case, you suffer from any, we at Medical Tourism Abroad will provide you with all the assistance. We shall also offer post-treatment care, back here in Australia. So, stay relaxed!

    What are the advantages of associating with us?

    Medical Tourism Abroad understands your worry of travelling to a foreign land. We shall provide you 360° support so that you get the best optometric eye care or solutions to other eye problems.

    • Fix your appointments with eye care specialist
    • Take care of your flight bookings
    • Arrange for your accommodation
    • Take care of your visa
    • Offer drop offs to the airport

    Eye SurgeryThe eye care center that we have teamed up with has all the facilities like cataract eye surgery, Glaucoma, LASIK/PRK surgery, eyelid surgery, retinal surgery, Vitrectomy, Squint correction, Argan laser, etc.
    With us, avail the world-class eye care treatment and explore more hidden wonders of the world with your eyes now.

    How to connect with us?

    You can drop us your words through our enquiry form on our website. Or you can also give us a call or an email. We shall be happy to answer you.
    It is certainly not a good idea to ‘wait and watch’. If you think you are having an eye problem, consult us without any delay. We shall take you to eye care specialists abroad, as we have promised. The more time wasted; the more complicated treatment it would be. Connect with us today for more information on cosmetic eye surgery.

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