Here’s what to expect during a cataract surgery

Do you think you need a cataract surgery? If so, you must see an eye specialist immediately. If you have cataracts, then cataract surgery is the only remedy for you. In the process, the specialist will remove natural lens present in your affected eye that has been clouded by cataracts, replacing it with an intraocular lens.

Don’t worry! The process is completely safe and widely common among people.

Want to know what involves in it?

The procedure of cataract surgery varies with individual eye surgeon, but the basic steps include –

Doctors will numb your eyes:

First, he will dilate your pupil using eye drops. That will work as a local anesthesia after which you might also be given a sedative for relaxing effect. The results would make you dazed while the process is on. But you would remain awake.

I feared the injection but today eye drops are the most convenient and effective method that I was given.


The removal:

Moving to the next procedure, your eye surgeon will remove the natural lens that has been clouded by cataracts.

Placing artificial lens:

After removal of affected lens, an artificial lens will be implanted for an improved vision.

Cataract surgery which is an outpatient procedure takes around less than an hour. However, some surgical techniques are used for removal of cataract, the most common one being phacoemulsification.

During phacoemulsification

1. Surgeon will first make a small incision in the cornea. He will then insert a probe, thin like a needle, into that lens affected by cataract.

2. This probe produces ultrasound waves that break the cataract and then pulls out fragments.

3. Lens capsule which is the back of your lens remains as it is because this helps to the new artificial lens to rest properly.

4. Only done with these phases, the surgeon might or not use stitches for closing that tiny incision made in your cornea.


During extracapsular cataract extraction

This is another technique of cataract extraction which is less frequently used depending on the patient’s medical condition. If you have severe complications in the eye, your eye surgeon might recommend you extracapsular cataract extraction. During this process,

1. Compared to that in phacoemulsification, a larger incision is made.

2. The surgeon uses some tools through this large opening and removes your lens’ first capsule along with the cloudy part.

3. Here also, your lens capsule is left in its own place to hold the artificial lens.

4. Due to that bigger opening, stitches are necessary in this case.


IOL or intraocular lens is the artificial lens that is placed after removing the affected natural one. This won’t cause any irritation and will not be seen or felt.
It is made of acrylic, silicone or plastic; requires no extra care and functions as your natural lens. IOS once placed is permanent. They, however, differ in features. Take advice from your eye specialist for the best guidance.

Cataract Surgery

Once cataract surgery is done –

After the surgery is performed successfully, you can expect recovery to begin within a few days. Initially, your vision might be blurred and cause irritation and itching, but gradually it gets cured completely.
You might have to visit your doctor frequently for the next two weeks. Make sure to follow his recommendations and guidelines.

“Let your eyes kiss the world for years to come.”

I got healed overseas:

You can fly overseas holding the hands of a qualified medical tourism company. Opting for this option will save both your eye and money. Besides making complete arrangement for your treatment abroad, these companies will also provide post-treatment assistance back in Australia.

Article Name
Here’s what to expect during a cataract surgery
July 11, 2016
Do you think you need a cataract surgery? If so, you must see an eye specialist immediately. If you have cataracts, then cataract surgery is the only remedy for you.

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