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How do dental crowns strengthen your damaged teeth?

So, you are presently confused with how can dental crowns strengthen your damaged teeth, right? Well, damaged or broken teeth have always been a very common issue and a major threat to one’s oral health. If a tiny crack goes ignored, it can grow and lead to extraction. But not to worry; with modern dentistry, you can now conveniently get it repaired by natural looking dental crowns and bridges for teeth.

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Now your question – how do dental crowns strengthen damaged teeth?

As I myself got dental crowns a few months back, so with assurance I can say, it works. These crowns are caps or prosthetics devices that cover your teeth’s visible part giving an armour-like protection. They are strong enough to shield your damaged teeth or tooth from biting forces.

Again, in case you have a severely damaged tooth, your oral surgeon will fix a metal post into your gum to create a strong foundation for holding the new crown. They are fixed with cement. While crowns are for single tooth, bridges are used to replace more than one tooth and fix the gap in between. Other additional benefits are –

  • Improves oral appearance and smile
  • Lasts for more than 15 years
  • Highly resistant to stains from beverages

The materials used in these crowns are highly durable like porcelain, ceramic, gold or resin and give the most natural look to your teeth. However, only gold crowns are noticeable.

teeth crowns

How is dental crown procedure carried out?

Crown dental surgery is an efficient method where the dentist first prepares the damaged teeth or tooth for restoration. Once done, the surgeon will take an impression of your tooth to prepare the crown in a dental laboratory. Between this phase, he will place a temporary crown as a protection until the permanent one is placed.

Now in your second appointment, your surgeon will remove the temporary crown and replace it with permanent one. You might need some time to adjust with your new tooth cap but once used to, you can again lead a normal life. Overseas countries provide the best crown dental surgery for patients.

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What is the cost of dental crown?

To get your teeth restored with dental crowns and bridges for teeth, you need to spend around $1100 to $2000 approximately. Yes! I know dental crown cost Australia is quite expensive for you if you’re running low on budget.

Contrary to this, the cost of treatment in countries like Thailand is just $530. Not only is it affordable, but also you can save a good amount of money. These foreign countries are preferred today for the excellent benefits they provide including top class surgeons, progressive technological infrastructure, highly skilled and well-trained team, etc.  Also, there is no waiting time.

If you finally decide to travel overseas, contact a reliable and experienced medical tourism company in Australia who will assist you to get the best treatment in a foreign land. When I availed their service, they not only helped me fix the appointment with the best surgeon, but also guided me in flight and accommodation booking.

Our medical trip was a completely successful one as, besides the treatment, we also enjoyed a short vacation in this most preferred tourist destination. So, it’s your turn now. Dental crowns are indeed very effective method of restoring your broken or damaged teeth if done by a skilled oral surgeon. Good Day!

Article Name
How do dental crowns strengthen your damaged teeth?
September 12, 2016
With the modern dentistry, you can now conveniently get damaged or broken teeth repaired by natural looking dental crowns and bridges for teeth.

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