knee replacement

How do I know if I need a Knee Replacement Surgery? Get the details here!

If you think, you are the only one suffering from knee disturbance; then it is not likely the idea. Presently people from the ages between 25 years to 60 years and above; 37% of them are suffering from knee problem. But is it severe enough that it calls for a knee replacement surgery? This is a question that often arises in their mind. To make sure that you need a knee replacement; here are few things that you must consider.

6 clear signs that you need knee replacement surgery

Hurting and painful knee can be very distressful and we all agree to it. If you are bearing the pain for a considerably long time now, here are few clear signs that will certify your knee pain needs surgery.

knee replacement

1. Noise

Whenever you fold your knee, do you hear some popping or crackling noise? People often don’t regard this issue, but this might be a clear indication that you need to replace your knee.

2 . Swelling

You can clearly see some swelling on your knee and that can be really hurtful. In most of the cases when you see or notice knee swelling, it is due to some kind of injury.

3. Edema
There are some excess fluids building up in the knee area. This can happen due to aging, injury, etc.

4. Limited movements
Sometimes you will notice that you can only move your knee in one direction. This happens because your knee is in pain and sitting or folding your knee joint can cause quite discomfort. If you are facing the same, it is quite possible you need knee replacement surgery.

5. Sudden bruising
You will notice sometimes that there are bruises on your knee and you did not get hurt recently. This can happen because of the bleeding of underlying tissues.

6. Delayed and payback pain
If you see that the knee pain is happening constantly, or it is coming back every now and then especially after some activity; then make sure to consult a doctor soon.

knee replacement surgery
Digital composite of Highlighted knee of injured man

Fact about knee pain
Did you know that your weight can be a major reason for knee problems? Yes, according to knee replacement surgeon if you are overweight, it is more likely for you have knee pain. For every extra Kg of weight, it exerts 3 times more pressure on the knee. Whom to contact for the surgery?

Whom to contact for the surgery?
A well experienced knee replacement surgeon is a must if you are looking for positive result, successful operation, appropriate treatment and speedy recovery. They will give the best suggestion and discard all the issues you face regarding knee.

How to get the best surgery?
Knee surgery can be on the costly side if you are taking the treatment in Australia. So, does that mean you are not supposed to get a surgery done? Of course not! There is one solution – Overseas Medical Tourism.

Yes, this will help you to get the surgery done from the best surgeons that too in budget. They send you to the best Asian medical hotspots like Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore and India. There not only you will get the best knee replacement surgeon but also supreme treatment facilities.

knee replacement

Get rid of knee pain and have a successful surgery now, with a medical tourism abroad!

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