How does Dental Crown Procedure help restore your damaged teeth?

Indeed there have been noteworthy developments in the world of dentistry with dental implants and Invisalign, but that doesn’t affect the effectiveness of classic staples like dental crowns. We have seen, through generations, these crowns have saved teeth, enhancing smiles to spread happiness and building confidence. Hence, even today, top certified dentists perform dental crown procedure to restore damaged teeth successfully.


You know what; regardless of age or gender, these are still considered as one of the most reliable tools in cosmetic dentistry for everyone.
“How can dental crown procedure restore damaged teeth?”
If that’s your query, here is the answer.

1. Helps in restoring fractured, broken or cracked teeth
2. Provides excellent support to dental bridges
3. Elongates the shape of a short tooth
4. Perfectly and safely hides distorted or misshapen teeth
5. Hides stained and discolored teeth
6. Improves your speaking habits
7. Helps in restoration of chewing

As their name suggests, they sit like a crown on your teeth and covers decay or damage like cavities or infections. It happens like – if your tooth has a large cavity that cannot support dental fillings, you can prevent extraction by using dental crowns instead.

Crowns look like tooth-shaped caps that are hollow and fit on the tooth covering it fully from all sides. It provides a protective layer, strengthening your existing teeth.


Dental crown problems

Let’s face it: like every other thing, these tooth crowns also have certain problems that you might experience after the treatment. For example –

  • Incorrect crown shape can affect your biting habits
  • Sensitivity to extreme heat or cold
  • Chewing gums, candies or sugary foods can cause further damage

As a solution, it’s better to avoid – having too hot or cold food, sugary food, gums and candies. Again, patients might also experience loosening of crown, discomfort or allergic reaction. However, once you get treated by proficient dentists abroad, chances of major dental crown problems are almost nil.

At times, severe damage might not give enough surfaces for the crown to sit firmly. Metallic posts are placed inside the tooth to provide the required firm base for your crown. With all the advancements, these tools are perfect additions to your smile.
Even after the treatment, you must care for your crown.

a. Brush and floss regularly
b. If you have habits of chewing nails or grinding teeth, strictly avoid those
c. Be very careful while you eat hard things like carrot or ice

Cost of tooth crown!

When you have planned for getting tooth crowns, let me guess, your next query would be regarding the cost, am I right?  The cost varies according to the crown material (gold, porcelain, etc.) and the tooth that needs it.

For instance – the total expense in most Australian clinics would cost around $2,000 to $3,700 AUD and even more. Well, most people in Australia step back thinking of the expense and rather choose to stay with the decay and pain.

Why would you do the same when you have options like Thailand? Cost of tooth crown there is much less compared to that in Australia. For an idea – the expense would be somewhere around $900 AUD. Isn’t that amazing?

Doubting the quality, right? Well, cost of living in these Asian countries is much less as a whole. Hence, the low price. Rather, patients availing overseas treatment can be rest assured to have top quality medical service with personalized care from trained team.


In this whole process, medical tourism companies can help you throughout. When I availed the same last year, they even assisted me in getting my visa and arranging my accommodation in the foreign country. So, you know, that’s really wonderful!

Dental crown procedure, problems and success, everything depends a lot on the efficiency of the dentist. So, make the right decision and invest in restoration of your smile with dental crowns.

Article Name
How does Dental Crown Procedure help restore your damaged teeth?
March 3, 2017
Indeed there have been noteworthy developments in the world of dentistry, but that doesn’t affect the effectiveness of classic staples like dental crowns.

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