How dry mouth effects can damage your teeth? Best treatment for it!

A bright smile can light up the day. An enlightening smile does not have much to do with your face or whether it sticks close to the golden ratio. As a smile is a window to the soul – so is yours. And to keep it that way, you need to know about dental hygiene. Proper dental care is not always about going to a dentist. Precautionary measures from common ailments such as tooth decay, gum ailments, dry mouth effects are some which you can take care by yourself.


I’ve been through a few episodes of tooth aches myself. I had to go to a dentist and ended up with a titanium tooth myself. But I could’ve avoided it, as I know now, it all started with something as small as dry mouth effects. So, I thought of sharing a few positives and negatives with you so that you don’t end up burning quite a nice hole in your pocket and shiny molar inside. Read on!

What is Dry Mouth?

For dentists and other medical experts, this is Xerostomia. But to us who experience it quite a few times, this is something much more common and simply, this is dry mouth. The moment when your mouth feels quite a bit drier than normal is when you’re obviously up against this common ailment. I will budge in a bit here and say that it’s not a simply parched throat. It’s when you feel that the inside of your mouth is dry and not the throat.

What are dry mouth causes?

There are many causes. Sometimes it can be natural too. But if you feel a continuous repetition of this ailment, you need to take precautionary measures. However first, read on for a proper idea on what are the primary dry mouth causes.

  • Low water consumption or re-hydration after a rigorous physical regime. Yes, this can happen to you even if you are a regular at the gym.

  • Stress or tension. You’re naïve if you say that this does not affect you at all. What I’m talking about is excessive tension.

  • Medication is a common cause. And there are some legit medicines which can cause a parched oral cavity.

  • Diabetes too can be a reason and this works against oral health in more ways than one if you know what I mean.

There are quite a few more but these are the most common ones out there.

What are dry mouth effects?

dry mouth effects

Physically, the first and foremost of all dry mouth effects is lack of saliva. And saliva is more important to you than you think. Not only does it wash away food debris inside your teeth, it also kills germs and reduces plaque. So, simply speaking, you are more vulnerable to plaque and tooth decay if you have a dry mouth. And this is the basic reason why it is something which you simply need to avoid at any cost.

A dry mouth cure to stick to?

First things first, drink water and lots of water. Re-hydrating yourself is something which automatically triggers natural production of saliva from glands and therefore, helps you avoid having a dry mouth.

Also, brush, rinse, floss after big meals – preferably twice a day. This is basic, but this is a habit which is rudimentary for proper oral hygiene.

Also, something that my dentist advised long ago for a dry mouth cure – sugar-free chewing gums and mints. Chewing on these gums and mints will make sure that you stimulate your gums to provide enough amount of saliva.

World-class but affordable dental treatment

Now, tooth decay can be more than just a problem. It can spread, it can change your smile and it can affect you in more ways than one. Question is where you can get the best dental care and treatment to get back all that you lost with years of teeth and gum problems.

This is something I can help with. What if you can get world-class dental care and that too at nearly half the expenses? If you think you can get it from your dentist nearby then I’d say you’re being misled. The current leading dental care destination is Thailand and that is for a fact.


Your dry mouth effects can find the perfect complete solution in Thailand. What’s more? You’ll easily find companies who provide such medical tourism abroad. They will cover every single detail of your journey including co-ordination with the healthcare institute, your lodging, to-and fro transportation and a rehab period which can work out as a vacation.

If it’s about getting the best dental care, then this is exactly what you need to do. Till then, keep those dry mouth effects at a low and take care of the damage already done with world-class treatment with a medical tourism abroad for your smile.

Article Name
How dry mouth effects can damage your teeth? Best treatment for it!
January 30, 2017
Know about the dry mouth causes and effects and how they can damage your treatment. Know the dental treatment options for it.

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