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How to choose a Laser Eye Surgeon?

Have you, at last, decided to opt for laser eye surgery to improve your vision? Congratulations, you just increased your chances of procuring better eyesight. Wondering about whether your surgery will be successful or not? Or, who will guarantee that your eyesight will improve? Well, the right laser surgeon obviously!

Laser surgery for eyes which is commonly known as LASIK, is a procedure used to correct any issues associated with vision, namely myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. It is an advanced procedure and because it concerns your eyes, it is highly important that you select top class surgeon for this. So, the things you need to look into or questions you should ask your surgeon are what may be going through your mind, right? To choose the best out of so many, you need to look into five factors as stated below.


How to choose a laser eye surgeon? 5 factors

1. Experience matters

When you are researching on your options for laser eye treatment, you might have come upon various sites which ask you to look for experienced surgeons. Having the requisite qualifications or a few years of practice in general eye surgery, doesn’t guarantee that the surgeon will be successful at LASIK. LASIK is quite different from other eye surgeries.
It uses laser to reshape your cornea so that light rays are refracted correctly, without use of corrective lens. So, you need to ask your surgeon the years he has spent doing LASIK surgeries only.

2. Use of advanced laser tech

LASIK employs the use of lasers to correct the cornea. This procedure is completely dependent on technology, specifically the laser used and thus, you need to find out about the laser which will be used. The laser has to be precise, so find out what they use: a VisX Star S4, or an Intralase femtosecond laser. For my dad, the laser eye surgeon used IntraLase femtosecond laser for the bladeless LASIK procedure. It is more precise as no mechanical blade is used and is effective as well.

laser eye surgery

3. Find out about his reputation

Reputation of a surgeon for Laser surgery for eyes speaks volumes about the work he does. It tells you about the success rate of the patients, whether there were any complications or whether the procedure was successful enough to eliminate the possibility of using any enhancements. However, the procedure differs from one individual to another. Post-surgery, while some might need spectacles for specific activities like reading, others might not.

4. Go for a consultation

Going for a consultation to that surgeon of your choice for your laser eye treatment will allow you to make a decision ably. Talk about preoperational and post operational care you will be provided with. Talk about how the procedure would be done and ask about the doctors who would be assisting, if any. Moreover, simply judge how comfortable you are with the idea of the surgeon operating on your eye.

5. Be wary of advertisements

During your research while looking for a surgeon for laser eye treatment, you will come across many ads which claim to be 100% successful in LASIK operations but have no proof to back their claims. Moreover, some claim to have years of experience on their team. It is only experience of the surgeon who would be carrying out the procedure that matters. Rest is less relevant.

Go overseas for laser surgery for eyes

That’s indeed the best option today, trust me. Going overseas for LASIK has become popular because of the cost associated with it. The cost of LASIK in Australia is $1900, whereas overseas, in a place like Thailand, it costs around $1126. The price difference is incredibly large and you get to save a lot while availing the same quality service from internationally acclaimed laser eye surgeon.

laser eye surgery

Moreover, with the existence of medical tourism companies, you do not have to deal with the hassle of finding the best. They would be choosing a surgeon, fixing appointments, arranging travel plans for you and that too as per your requests. So, go, opt for medical tourism and save a lot with the procedure!

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Article Name
How to choose a Laser Eye Surgeon?
November 23, 2016
Read to know the 5 factors that will help you choose a right Laser Eye Surgeon for your Laser Eye Surgery.

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