Insights on the Growth of Medical Tourism Industry

Medical tourism is exploding! As per statistics, the global market for medical tourism will bring in $143.8 billion by the end of 2022, as expected. And coming to Australia, there have been a growing number of people opting for this new trend as medical tourism service providers are gearing up with their exciting offers in this emergent market.

The concept broadly means individuals traveling overseas for availing top quality treatment at affordable costs or because a particular treatment is not available in their home country. Usually, the treatments sought after are medical tourism dental procedures, knee surgery, hair transplantation, eye treatment, cosmetic surgery and more.


Here’s what stats have to say:

  • As per market reports, patients who are traveling abroad for medical purpose can make a savings of around 85% on the treatment procedures
  • This industry is already gaining $400 billion per year
  • Reports and experts have anticipated, the number of medical tourists will increase by 25% per year for the succeeding decade
  • 60% of Australian medical tourists travel to Asian countries for two reasons – can save up to 75% on the same procedures back in their hometown and proximity.

General practitioners in Australia are good sources of advisors who recommend their patients for medical tourism dental, cosmetics or other procedures. Let us not take it as a surprise that patients are going beyond international boundaries, considering the increasing expense in the health sector in Australia, UK or US.

What are the perks of medical tourism?

Well, there are quite some benefits of availing medical tourism Thailand or other countries. Some of them include –

1. Avail treatment from accredited clinics and hospitals of high quality 2. Some doctors and surgeons are renowned globally. They are highly proficient and experienced with huge success rate.
3. The team of nurses, technicians and others are well-trained to offer personalized care to foreign patients.
4. Quick response with no waiting time
5. The countries have special arrangements for medical tourists
6. They have cutting age infrastructural set up with all necessary tools and equipment.
7. Surprisingly low cost as cost of living is cheap in Asian countries
8. Guess what? During medical tourism in Bangkok or other nations, you can also rejuvenate with a short vacation in between your check-ups.
9. Be assured regarding safety and prepare for the highest satisfaction.


Role of medical tourism service providers:

1. They offer financial support in case you need more fund while in the foreign land
2. Doctors with them will assess your medical condition initially and recommend you the most appropriate country for traveling.
3. The service providers will arrange for your visas and registration
4. They will arrange your flight bookings, accommodation, etc.
5. They would even provide you with aftercare support back in Australia
Isn’t that lucrative? Experts say, joining this trend would keep you on the beneficial side in terms of both money and health.

Top medical tourism destinations:

When it comes to destinations, medical tourism Thailand is a must mention. Over the years, Thailand has equally grown as the most preferred medical tourism destinations. Specifically for this place, patients can save somewhere from 50 to 75%. Again, India, Singapore, Malaysia are no behind in this battleground as they are also on the list.

For these developing countries, the medical tourism industry is one of the major revenue generators. Good news is governments of these nations are also supporting the trend completely.
To give you an example – back in 2011, Ministry of Interior of Thailand allowed 90 days of extended stay to patients from GCC countries without a visa.

growth of medical tourism

Growth of medical tourism

This trend (which of course is successful) has created a great impact on the health sector of these countries. Besides improving the expertise in treatment specialty, there has been a significant amount of investment in the infrastructure for development. Furthermore, it has also encouraged exchange of tradition and culture across borders.
And finally, whether you should avail medical tourism in Bangkok, India, Malaysia or Singapore, you will be best guided by the companies. Ensure to invest in your good health! Contact us now if you are looking for a Medical Tourism Abroad.

Article Name
Insights on the Growth of Medical Tourism Industry
March 9, 2017
There have been a growing number of people opting for this new trend as medical tourism service providers are gearing up with their exciting offers in this emergent market.

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