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Joint Replacements

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery involves removing the joint which is damaged and replacing it with a new one. Generally joint replacement surgery is for knee, hip, and shoulder. If the whole joint is not damaged then only the damaged part is fixed or replaced which is called the partial joint replacement.

Some Commonly asked questions about Joint Replacement Surgery

    • What happen to my joints?

The joints can be damaged by arthritis, sports injury, accidents or other causes. After being getting used for years joint tend to wear out which can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints.

    • What is the artificial joint made of?

The artificial joint, called prosthesis, can be made of plastic, metal, or both. It may be cemented or not cemented, so that the bone will grow into it.
Generally a cemented joint is used more often in older people who do not move around as much. An uncemented joint is often used for younger people with more active lifestyle and those with good bone quality. The healing time in the later case is longer.

    • What is the age for the artificial joints?

The new artificial joints generally last upto 10 to 15 years. Therefore, younger patients may need to get there joint replaced more than once.

    • Do Many People Have Joints Replaced these days?

Joint replacement is becoming very common with more than 1 million people in America getting a hip or knee replaced each year.

    • What are risks associated with getting a joint surgery?

As any surgery comes with a risk factor so does joint surgery. The level of risk depends on the patients health before surgery, severity of arthritis, and the type of surgery done.

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