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Know difference between Partial Knee Replacement & Total Knee Replacement

Okay! Then you have been given two options – partial knee replacement and total knee replacement! Well, to choose either certainly doesn’t depend on what your preference is. Both of these methods have their own purposes and benefits, along with their criteria for qualification.

Understanding both the terms

1. Partial knee replacement –

If one or some specific part of your knee has been damaged, surgeons prefer going for partial knee replacement surgery. The replacement area can be either inside, outside or knee cap part. In this process, the damaged tissue and bones are removed surgically, replacing them with prosthetics, a man-made implant of plastic and metal bearings.

partial knee replacement

2. Total knee replacement –

If your knee has been severely damaged or destructed causing progressive pain, total knee replacement surgery is the method of cure. This damage can be caused due to arthritis or some other injury. Some of the conditions when surgeons recommend total replacement are –

a. Extreme pain or stiffness in knee
b. Problem in performing regular activities
c. Deformity in knee; may be bowing out or in
d. Chronic knee inflammation
e. When medication fails; surgery remains the last option

Difference between partial knee replacement and total knee replacement:

I guess the definitions give the differences. The partial one is less invasive than the total knee replacement surgery procedure. A human knee comprises of three important compartments–

  • Medial or inside part
  • Lateral or outside part
  • Patellofemoral or in front part

Now, while partial or UNI process (as it is also known) treats only the affected medial compartment, total knee replacement replaces the three compartments of your knee.

total knee replacement

Are you a candidate for either?

1. For Partial knee replacement:

The patients who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis in patellofemoral, lateral or medial areas are eligible for undergoing this surgery.

Other conditions are –

a. Damage must be in one compartment
b. There should be an intact anterior cruciate ligament
c. There must be adequate range of your knee motion
d. There must be limited inflammation
e. There should not be any dislocation of knee or cartilage calcification
f. A good candidate is one who is more than 60 years

The orthopaedic comes to a conclusion only after analyzing an individual’s condition through X-ray and other methods.

2. For Total knee replacement:

Whether you are eligible or not depends on the extent of your pain as well as disability. There is no such specified age for getting all three knee compartments replaced, neither is there any restriction for weight.

Usually, patients between the age group of 50 to 80 mostly undergo this surgical process. However, teenagers with juvenile arthritis also require total knee replacement depending on individuals’ medical and health conditions.

Again, longevity of total replacement surgery is more than that of the UNI (partial) procedure. So, there are differences. From my experience, I would suggest you to leave it to your doctor. He is the one to give you almost appropriate recommendation.

knee replacement

Where to get treated?

Now, that’s something to think of. Well, you’ll certainly get doctors in Australia, but that expense is surely going to make a hole in your pocket.

Best alternative? Fly overseas!

Yes! Only the previous year I took my grandmother for a total knee surgery to overseas and she is doing perfectly well now. In countries like Thailand, Malaysia or India, you can access internationally acclaimed orthopaedic surgeons and their advanced medical technology.

The major benefit that attracted me is the surprising low cost. You can atleast save up to 60% of what you’ll spend in Australia.

Convenience with medical tourism companies:

Availing overseas treatment has been made so convenient by the medical tourism companies. They make all arrangements for your medical trip – starting from fixing an appointment to booking flights and accommodation. Contact a reliable firm in Australia and get treated at the earliest.

“Having a healthy and normal knee would make life a lot easier.”



Article Name
Know difference between Partial Knee Replacement & Total Knee Replacement
August 10, 2016
Partial & total knee replacement methods have their own purposes & benefits, along with their criteria for qualification. Understand the difference between Both of these methods.

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