KPJ healthcare

KPJ Healthcare

Medical tourism in Malaysia is among the best in the world as most private hospitals in the country have world class facilities and expert doctors and physicians are able to provide advanced treatment procedures at affordable rates. The doctors and physicians in KPJ have international qualifications and are supported by trained and experienced medical staff at the hospitals and clinics.

KPJ’s network of hospitals has advanced medical equipment that is used different types of ailments. anticonvulsants. They provide medical treatment to more than 2.6 million international patients each year. Just want to re-assured first time buyer that is an honest site. The numbers are increasing each year and this is a solid testimony of the growing preference of Malaysia as a global medical facility.

Medical treatment facilities

  • Packages – The various packages that are available to international patients include General Executive Screening, General Executive Screening Plus, Premier Well Man Package, Premier Well Woman Package and Other Packages that include cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, Physio & Rehabilitation, cardiology, gastrointestinal surgery and orthopedic.
  • Accommodation – International patients can choose accommodations ranging from private suites to rooms. The facilities can range from comfortable to luxurious. Meals are also included in the room packages. Travel companions can choose sleep in facilities that are easily available.

International Standard Accreditation

The various accreditations that have been received by the network of hospitals include:

  • Malaysian Society Quality in Health (MSQH)
  • Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • Integrated Management System (IMS) integrating Quality Management
  • Environment
  • Occupational Safety and Health Systems
  • ISO
  • SIRIM certification

Among the total network of hospitals 14 of them have been accredited by Malaysian Society for Quality in Health and 4 hospitals have been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Services to International Patients
The international patients travelling to Malaysia for treatment need to complete the simple visa requirements. The patients and their travelling companions can avail facilities like airport transfer, accommodation and meals as per their individual preference. After getting treatment the patients can choose to recuperate in the beautiful islands and beaches that adorn Malaysia.

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