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Laser Eye Surgery

Medical Tourism Abroad offers top-quality Lasik laser eye surgery at affordable costs

Do you see every image blurred? Well, do you know why? Because, your eyes are unable to bend or focus the light. Medical Tourism Abroad, through Lasik laser eye surgery, can help you in correcting these visionary problems. This eye surgery method is one of the most successful and widely accepted one to give you a clear vision.

What is Lasik laser eye surgery?

In Lasik laser eye surgery procedure, your cornea is reshaped. This improves the manner in which your eye focuses light onto your retina. The surgery goes like –

  • Surgeon cuts a thin flap through laser or blade
  • Through laser, he, next, corrects the corneal tissue
  • Once done, the flap is placed back again

Usually, no stitches are required and the flap gets repositioned within 2 to 5 min in a Lasik laser eye surgery.

In Lasik laser eye surgery, LASIK expands to Laser-assisted in-situ Keratomileusis. This surgery is used to correct hyperopia, myopia as well as astigmatism. It is a permanent alternative for patients who use contact lenses or spectacles.

There are other types of laser eye surgery as well, like custom vision, bladeless Lasik and typography-guided Lasik. The eye surgeon can perfectly guide you with the right choice. By associating with Medical Tourism Abroad, we make sure you avail best lasik laser eye surgery from top-quality surgeon.

lasik laser eye surgery

What are the advantages of Lasik laser eye surgery procedure?

  • Almost no pain
  • No stitch; no bandage
  • Vision gets back by that day; in fact, immediately
  • Adjustments can be made later
  • Success rate is 96%

But, are you a right candidate for Lasik laser eye surgery?

For being a right candidate, you should be at least 18 years old. However, remember that if your vision is unstable and still changing, the results of this surgical procedure might not be a long-term result.

What if you have thin cornea or strong prescription?

Your surgeon will perform a pre-operative diagnosis. He will take measurements of the cornea and determine whether it is thick enough to operate. Also for strong eyeglass prescriptions, he might recommend you a better alternative to Lasik laser eye surgery.

From when can you continue with your regular chores?

A day after! With a successful Lasik Laser eye surgery, you can resume your everyday chores the next day. Your eyes will be comfortable and recovery is faster.

After Cataract surgery, can you undergo Lasik laser eye surgery?

Yes! You can undergo Lasik after getting cataract surgery. But most often it is not required.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

What is  Lasik Laser eye surgery cost?

We understand your concern about Lasik eye surgery cost. Well, truth is Lasik laser eye surgery cost is quite expensive in Australia. For single eye, it would take $2500 on an average. This value doesn’t come under private insurance or Medicare.

Different clinics offer different Lasik eye surgery cost. But no matter whichever you go for, expense will be high enough to make a hole in your pocket.

So, what’s the alternative solution for Lasik eye surgery cost?

Fly overseas with Medical Tourism Abroad! We provide quality healthcare services and people have accepted us for offering the best laser eye surgery. Coming to Lasik laser eye surgery cost, the expense of this surgical procedure is surprisingly low in foreign countries like Thailand, Singapore, India and others. With us, you can treat both your eyes at a Lasik eye surgery cost between $500 and $1000 approximately

How can we help you?

Going to an unknown place and then getting laser correction eye surgery done is a hectic affair. We, at Medical Tourism Abroad, have partnered with world-class surgeons so that you can get the best of treatment there.
We shall fix your appointment and make all arrangements (visa, flight bookings, and accommodation) to ease your medical trip. In fact, we shall give you round the clock service, even after you come back home.

Laser Eye Surgery

What’s the wait? Your eyes are precious; treat them confidently with Lasik eye surgery. To know more about our services and new laser eye surgery, just give us a call anytime. You can even drop us an email.

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