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Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Procedure vs. Contact Lenses – Which is better option?

Now this is a difficult one to decide especially for those who do not have much of a proper insight or knowledge into either. But being somewhat of an amateur in this field, modesty is a virtue, considering between Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Procedure and Contact Lens have a lot of pointers to it.

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Here, you’ll come across more than a few things which you did not know about before. And one thing I can say about healthcare or rather medical treatment, never go into anything without at least a running knowledge of what it is all about. So, read on!Regarding contact lens or Lasik laser eye surgery procedure:

Regarding contact lens or Lasik laser eye surgery procedure:

  • YOU –

You are the most important criterion when it comes to making a Lasik Laser Eye Surgery procedure. First things first though, you need to be old enough. Professionals in this field say that the minimum age for power correction with this surgery is 18. But experts and surgeons themselves say that 21 is a better option given that normal human eye growth is considered to be till 18. Astigmatism is a perfect no-no. And if you have eye diseases or corneal infections, then you need to get them taken care of first.

Contact lenses also come with similar medical implications but there’s no general age limit; although it’s not something strictly considered in case of infants.

  • Visual Range –

Short-sightedness and Far-sightedness – this is where one eye can differ from the other. And a Lasik Laser eye surgery procedure is about correcting such moderate or even severe cases. Contact lenses are simply not a proper choice in case of severe cases of unordinary vision.

contact lense

  • Affordability –

Lasik Laser eye surgery cost is quite a lot more than just having a contact lens. But thing is, it is a one-time and permanent procedure which ensures that you won’t require any vision correction later on. Contact lenses are cheaper but they need to be bought over and over again – they are not a permanent solution. And if you’re someone like me who’d prefer a spectacle over a contact lens any day, then a Lasik procedure is the obvious way forward.

Now, this too depends completely on you – whether you’d prefer a permanent thingy or simply keep changing your contacts over and over again with a few tears thrown in. My sympathies!

  • Risky? –

Truth be told; a Lasik Laser Eye Surgery procedure has certain risks attached to it. But a majority share of these risks can be attributed to the surgeon, the assistant and the equipment. In short, it all depends on whether you have the right surgeon and facilities in the first place.

And let’s fill you in on another detail. The leading Lasik surgery destinations and venues are not in USA or Europe and definitely not in Australia. On an international level, Singapore and Thailand are among the hottest new places to a laser surgery done. Why?

Something you did not know for sure:

Simply speaking, these healthcare institutions and venues are now host to the leading practitioners in the field. Add to that state-of-the-art facilities and you have a stat which shows that these two destinations alone lead in both quality and quantity of services.

Another thing which you need to know is that a Lasik Laser eye surgery cost in the best clinics in Thailand are much easier on the budget, nearly half of what you’ll be charged in US or Australia. How come? Well, there’s no need for charging more when it can ensure that they can get more patients to work upon.

Lasik Laser eye surgery

And this is the truth. But I personally have more for you. Just consider for a minute – what if your clinic, your Lasik laser eye surgery procedure, to and fro conveyance, lodging, hospitality, co-ordination, in short everything is taken care of. That would be quite a proposition, I know.

Thing is, you can actually get something like this done. There are agencies which provide for such medical tourism abroad in a complete package for a Lasik laser eye surgery procedure. So, if you’re thinking of getting one done, I would suggest taking your family along for a privy beautiful trip to Thailand or Singapore. Make the best of it.

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Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Procedure vs. Contact Lenses – Which is better option?
January 19, 2017
Know which is better option for you, contact lens or Lasik laser eye surgery procedure.

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