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Most international patients find it difficult to finance medical travel, as they have to rely on their own funds. Although they may be able to save a significant amount of money when they choose to travel to India, Thailand, Singapore or Malaysia for treatment they may still have to spend some money for the travel and treatment. Individuals wishing to travel abroad for medical tourism procedures are seeking financing so that they are able to get funds they need for the medical tourism travel.

Financing is offered by many agencies and the international patients can compare and choose the package that best suits their individual needs. The credit limit that is offered may vary depending on the medical procedure. The finance options are offered at the lowest interest rates with easy payment plans. The patient can access and pay the accounts and bills online. In most cases the companies that offer the finance plans pay the healthcare providers directly from the approved amount and the balance is provided to the patients so that they may take care of other expenses.

Financing options for medical tourists

  • Use personal savings or credit cards. The costs for some procedures may be within limits of the credit card and this need to be ascertained before choosing to use it.
  • Avail personal loan. Several finance organizations provide loans for medical travel.
  • Financial support from family and friends.
  • Choose financing programs offered by medical tourism intermediaries.

As medical tourism is becoming popular there are many finance companies that are offering loans to international patients depending on their specific requirement. Medical Tourism Abroad partners with MacCREDIT and NOW Finance to offer our clients finance for all aspects of their medical holiday.


The benefits of their program includes the following

  • Loans up to $25,000 available.
  • Your own personal loan specialist to help finance your trip.
  • Fixed competitive interest rates and flexible repayments.
  • Instant finance to pay for all your medical and cosmetic needs.
  • Weekly or fortnightly payments.
  • Up to five years to repay your loan.

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