Visa For India

All patients wanting to visit India for medical treatment needs to apply for a medical visa.

Medical Visa’s are generally issued for up to 1 year or for the period of treatment advised by your doctor whichever is less.

All patients visiting India on medical visa grounds will be required to get themselves registered within 14 days of arrival with concerned Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO).

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Please select the Medical & Medical Attendant Visa Category in order to apply for your visa

Visa For Malaysia

If you want to visit Malaysia for medical treatment, you need to visit the nearest consular mission to get a visa. If your country does not have a Malaysian mission, you can choose to visit the nearest British High Commission. International patients from Commonwealth countries (except Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) like Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, San Marino and Liechtenstein do not need a visa to visit Malaysia.
Citizens from Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Germany, Tunisia, Iceland, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, UAE and USA do not require a visa if the visit does not exceed 3 months. Similarly citizens of Afghanistan, Baltic and Commonwealth independent states, Romania, Libya, Iran and Iraq do not need a visa if the visit does not exceed 1 month.

Visa for Thailand

The entry procedures to Thailand are less cumbersome compared to other countries. Travelers from nearly 41 countries may be able to stay in this beautiful country without visa for up to 30 days. This facility is known as “Visa Exemption”. The countries include USA, UK, Australia, Germany and others. International patients from 21 countries may be able to get a visa on arrival.

Visa for Singapore

Visa is not required for most Westerners travelling to Singapore for medical treatment. British and Irish patients may require a 30 day stamp on arrival and may need to show proof of an onward ticket. The maximum length of stay for British and Irish patients is 30 days and for others it is 14 days. Citizens of Afghanistan, Myanmar, Algeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iraq, China, Sudan, CIS, Egypt, India, Iran, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Vietnam and Yemen require a visa to visit Singapore. Medical tourists of other countries may require a social visit pass that is issued on arrival. If the stay needs to be extended for 3 months then the patient needs to apply for long term visit pass. A local sponsor is required to get the long term pass. The maximum extension of stay that is granted is 90 days in a year.

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