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The high cost of healthcare and medical insurance in Australia and New Zealand and the improved standards of healthcare services have made South Asian countries the most preferred choice to treat various types of ailments. Better pricing and a shorter waiting period have also made it the most affordable option for most types of healthcare treatments.

Finding the right hospital can often be a big stumbling block for most international patients. As we take care of all issues related to your travel and treatment, you can enjoy a stress free stay and get the best medical treatment from world renowned doctors.

Various medical treatments and one point of contact

The single point of contact for various types of medical treatments makes it easier for the international patients to get seamless service. Most of our patients come to us for multiple treatments and a single point of contact makes it easier for them to handle all the processes and procedures before, during and after the treatment in an effortless manner. This can help save a lot of time and effort too.

Medical Tourism Abroad Services

Flight booking

After you have completed the consultation process with the doctor, you can choose to make travel arrangements starting with flight booking. There are numerous international flights that travel daily from Australia and New Zealand and you can make the choice as per your convenience.


Our services include providing visa assistance. This involves arranging medical visa and registration and extension to international patients. If the treatment requires multiple visits you can opt for a multi entry visa so that you are able to travel without any problem. Send us the passport and other relevant details and we will be of assistance and take all steps required to get a medical visa.

Your accommodation

We can help organize your stay in any reputed star hotel or guest rooms depending on your specific budget. Necessary hotel arrangements can also be made for your family or friends travelling with you. The list of hotels assigned to you is near the hospital and this ensures that you are able to enjoy a relaxed stay. Along with your accommodation we also take care of your food choices. It is important to remember that the patient’s diet may be prescribed by the doctor depending on their health condition.

Airport transfer

We offer pick and drop facilities to all our international patients. We understand that you are travelling to a new and unknown country for treatment and may be stressed about finding conveyance from the airport to hospital. All that you need to do is to update us about your travel plans so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Vacations/Holidays after the treatment

After you have healed from the treatment or taking time between the many procedures of treatment, you have the option of exploring the country and all its splendor and beauty. You will be mesmerized with the wide choice of options available. The sightseeing tour after the treatment can help relieve the stress and revitalize you, so that you start feeling healthy immediately.

Post Treatment Support

Our office is based in Sydney, Australia for your convenience and we offer post treatment consultation and support. We are happy to answer any queries and questions you have.

Medical Tourism Abroad is a leading & most trusted medical tourism agency in Australia facilitating medical holidays to Thailand, India, Singapore & Malaysia.

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