Plan your visit

We can help you plan your visit for a hassle free stay. We advise you to start planning your visit atleast 30 days in advance to your arrival for a stress free journey and stay. You will need plan for the below things

Flight booking

After you have completed the consultation process with the doctor and have decided on a date to visit you can choose to make travel arrangements starting with flight booking. There are numerous international flights that travel daily from Australia and New Zealand. We can suggest some good travel agents for your convenience. Please contact us for further information on this.

Medical Visa

You will need a medical visa in order to travel to the country of your choice for treatment. We advise you to apply this on priority for a hassle free journey.


There are various options available for your stay depending on your budget and personal preferences. You can opt to stay in any reputed star hotel or guest rooms depending on your specific budget. We can help you make necessary hotel arrangements. In case your family or friends are travelling with you we can make arrangements for them as well. The list of hotels assigned to you is near the hospital and this ensures that you are able to enjoy a relaxed stay. Along with your accommodation we also take care of your food choices. It is important to remember that the patient’s diet may be prescribed by the doctor depending on their health condition.

Airport transfer

Most of our alliances provide a complimentary pickup and drop up service from the international airport. All that you need to do is to update us about your travel plans so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the hospital.

Sightseeing after the treatment

After you have healed from the treatment or taking time between the many procedures of treatment, you have the option of exploring the country and all its splendor and beauty. You will be mesmerized with the wide choice of options available. The sightseeing tour after the treatment can help relieve the stress and revitalize you, so that you start feeling healthy immediately.

We recommend you to make your bookings in advance to your travel dates to avoid any hiccups in your journey. We can advise a few travel packages as per your preferences.

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