hip replacement surgery

Severe Arthritis in Young People Result in Hip Replacement surgery

So, you are young and affected by damaged hip joint?
It’s the young adults who are victims of arthritis most and the sufferers face a disabling condition when arthritis affects the hip joint. This is a condition where articular cartilage of acetabulum and femoral head gets damaged. The doctor makes this analysis from the X-ray report where a gap is seen in between the bone’s ends.
Let me make a confession. I am only 25 and two years back, I was a sufferer of this same problem. As it happens, the hip became stiff and almost motionless. I was unable to perform regular activities.
If you too have a damaged hip joint, you can often feel a click within and needless to say, this pain will only worsen with time. Gradually it would spread on the hip side, buttock and even your knee.

hip replacement surgery

Young adults getting affected:

And it’s a fact that severe arthritis is affecting the young adults too leading to hip replacement surgery. The concept that once gave the image of a grey-haired, wrinkled skin old lady has long passed. It’s now common among the younger people too.
There’s this JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) which is an autoimmune form of arthritis and worst is it can hit anytime, regardless of age. There are other problems like rheumatoid arthritis, bone fractures or death problem that ultimately results in hip replacement surgery.

This is the good news:

Experts say, the best option to relieve from such disabled condition is to go for total hip replacement. If you are suffering from excruciating pain along with disability in your hip joints, getting a hip replacement would be an effective choice.

What can hip replacement surgery result in?

Besides curing your damaged hip joints and relieving you from the pain, hip replacement surgery also offers

  • Improved quality of life
  • Maintaining good health and fitness
  • Bringing back lost confidence
  • Improves your personality
  • Reduces chances of other problems like cardiovascular disease
  • But it is also suggested that young adults should perform only those activities that they have been suggested by the surgeon.

total hip replacement

How long are the implants going to last?

With the advancement in medical world, newer materials like ceramic or metal are being used in implants to ensure longevity and safe health. If you think how long these implants are going to last, well, practically, there’s no such specific guarantee.
But research has proved that these go well for even more than 20 years. However, I am doing well now and can perform all the activities perfectly.

Treatment in abroad: The best option

If you are aware, patients are preferring to go to abroad for getting total hip replacement surgery. Indeed, it’s the most effective options now-a-days. Not only can you save a surprising amount that’s pocket friendly, but also you can get treated under highly experienced and skilled surgeons.

total hip replacement surgery

“But that’s a foreign land. How am I going to fix an appointment?”

I am sure this is what you are worrying about, isn’t it? Relax! There are some reliable medical tourism companies in Australia who ease the procedure. They have connections with the internationally acclaimed, best surgeons in countries like India or Thailand. How can they help?

  • Assess your medical condition
  • Fix your appointment with one of the qualified surgeons for hip replacement.
  • Coordinate to reduce your waiting time
  • Arrange for your accommodation in the foreign country, even for patient’s family and friends
  • Arrange for your travel and airport transfers
  • Assist you with post medication treatment back in Australia
    They simplify the whole procedure, so that you can get the best treatment for total hip replacement surgery. “Life has a long way to go; Stay healthy!”

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