myths and facts about laser eye surgery

Some Myths and Facts About Laser Eye Surgery You Should Know

Are you denied the right to have proper information regarding laser eye surgery? This happens when we plan for a procedure to be performed on the eye; we get some information and along with that a plate of misguidance and tales. Now, it is very important for you to judge how authentic the information is. Here I want to share with you some myths and facts that will help you in taking the appropriate decision.

Wait a second! Before that, there are 2 things you need to know. Read on!

1. What is Lasik laser eye surgery?

It is a procedure of re-correcting the cornea to help with a proper vision. With this procedure, one can omit nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism as well. This laser technology helps to reshape the dome round and clears vision.

Eye Surgery

2. When Laser eye surgery is needed?

If you are tired of wearing high power glasses or want to free yourself from the hassle of contact lenses, then you are choosing the right option of laser eye surgery, which comes without any problems. This will correct your vision defects and will help you see effortlessly.


Now, I am not saying that this procedure is 100% side effect less; no procedure is. But there are certain things which are way too much of exaggeration. Let’s see what are the myths and facts:

I. Anyone can opt for laser Lasik surgery
No, it is not correct. There are certain health conditions like diabetes, which are not controllable and hence the person will not be qualified for this surgical procedure.

II. It cannot be done after a cataract operation.
Absolutely wrong information! It is best to do along or after cataract operation to rectify the visionary issues effectively.

III. A movement like coughing, sneezing, blinking will not affect the procedure.

Yes. The cornea is tracked by highly developed technology and under the supervision of a professional doctor, it will not hamper the procedure.

IV. Laser is UV ray which can burn your eye
Anything of this sort will NOT happen. Do not worry! The amount of UV ray used in the procedure can barely burn or harm 1/10 of your body hair.

V. The procedure is painful.
No, the procedure is not at all painful. They provide with anesthetic eye drops before the surgery and after which you will not even feel a thing.

laser eye surgery

VI. One of the major laser eye surgery risks is blindness
This is exactly a perfect example of exaggeration. It corrects the vision by altering the curvature of the lens. This will not cause blindness as till now no such case has been recorded.

VII. The ray which is used is cold.
Yes, of course, it is a cold ray procedure as it prevents from getting harmed by heat or burn.

VIII. You cannot wear makeup again.
Wrong. It is best not to wear makeup but just for a week or so. After that, you will be able to flaunt your eyes better without those annoying glasses.

IX. Laser eye surgery in Australia is very expensive.
Yes, it is correct. We all know that the expense of medical treatment in Australia is very high, but now you can use the other alternative known as medical tourism in abroad.

X. World’s best laser surgery is done in Asian countries
Again it is a very true fact. They have very good infrastructure, doctors available that will properly perform the surgery and will give the appropriate guidance.

Keeping the context of Medical tourism in mind, let me tell you few other reasons why it is better than availing a treatment in Australia.
Companies organizing medical trips will help you go to countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India where you can quickly avail the service under the best doctors.

It will cost you much less than getting it done here, plus you don’t even have to compromise with quality.

You can also enjoy a small trip after your surgery and explore the new country.

Because of the excellent infrastructure of these companies, a good aftercare is guaranteed.

Now that you know, there is nothing much to worry about lasik laser eye surgery with the help of medical tourism, don’t let anything come in between you and perfect vision. Get the approach to look at the world in a brighter and better way!

Article Name
Some Myths and Facts About Laser Eye Surgery You Should Know
January 6, 2017
Here, I want to share with you some myths and facts that will help you in taking the appropriate decision regarding Laser Eye Surgery.

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