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The SMILE eye laser surgery will actually make you smile!

Hey! Have you heard about the latest technique of laser surgery for eyes? It’s SMILE! Didn’t get that, right? Okay! SMILE expands to Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, and it can actually make you smile. PRK and LASIK being the 1st and 2nd generation procedures, SMILE is the 3rd generation technique of laser eye surgery.

What is it all about? SMILE is a flapless surgery (no complications of flap) and minimally invasive. The procedure has been designed specifically for treating a number of refractive errors. They include astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia and myopia. This third generation vision correction method is considered to be a ground-breaking introduction in the medical world; indeed it is, with combination of both PRK and LASIK advantages.

Smile Surgery

“Even the procedure of SMILE is highly appreciated.”

Want to know how SMILE laser surgery for eyes is carried out? Well, its speciality is that the upper layers of your cornea remain untouched reducing the chances of dry eye. There are no complications like flap removal and stitching anymore. Check out how the process goes like –

1. You will get anaesthetic eye drops for numbing your eye
2. Through SMILE laser, series of small bubbles are applied on cornea to create a base and a top layer of lenticule (the upper and lower part of stroma)
3. Once done, this laser will make a keyhole access.
4. Though this, the affected tissue will be removed, reshaping the cornea for the ultimate results.

You can hence imagine how one single step would correct your vision issues without any cuts and stitches.

smile eye laser surgery

Effectiveness and results are praiseworthy

While I was doing a thorough research on this new technique for a friend of mine, I got an interesting but authentic data. Guess what; after undergoing SMILE eye laser surgery, a patient’s eyesight gets 80% improved almost immediately. And for the 100%, he will have to wait for the next 10 days. This made my decision firm to avail the procedure.

It is presently the most advanced yet highly convenient and precise laser eye surgery in the world.

At a glance,

  • Completely blade-free
  • Femtosecond; i.e. one laser used only
  • Quickest recovery time
  • Extremely less painful
  • Approximately 25 seconds and it’s done

“Throw away those lenses and glasses; smile through your eyes.”

When to choose SMILE?

Look! Different individuals have different conditions. But some of the situations when SMILE is mostly preferable are –

  • If you have larger prescriptions
  • If your eyes are dry and unable to produce enough tears
  • If your cornea is thin
  • Highly recommended if you are into sports

Where to get best affordable SMILE eye surgery cost?

Overseas! The best SMILE surgery is available abroad. I found this eye surgery cost in Australia to be too expensive to avail. Even if you manage to afford, I doubt the quality and outcome because overseas countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India are more advanced in this procedure.

Smile Surgery Abroad

Starting from infrastructure to team and doctors, everything there is top class. Not just that, but you can enjoy all these facilities at a rate surprisingly low. In fact, a reputed medical tourism company can help you in the process – from choosing the appropriate country to fixing an appointment with best doctors, flight bookings and accommodation arrangements and availing low cost of laser eye surgery.

One condition for all these; you must contact the company which is reputed and reliable. With them, you don’t have to take any botheration of flying to a foreign land. On your part, just make sure, you are with the right team to avail SMILE of best quality and low cost of laser eye surgery.

“Your eyes are the windows of your soul. Open them to view the wonders outside.”

Article Name
The SMILE eye laser surgery will actually make you smile!
September 26, 2016
SMILE eye laser surgery is a flapless surgery (no complications of flap) and minimally invasive. The procedure has been designed specifically for treating a number of refractive errors.

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