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FAQs on thigh lift surgery – Medical Tourism Abroad offers 360° assistance

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At Medical Tourism Abroad, we have seen many people coming with the problem of their unshapely upper legs. Excessive fat, skin or cellulite on the thighs makes an individual look older than his/her actual age. Their shape gets deformed with sagging skin making them look unhealthy. Can you relate to this same issue? We mean, are you suffering from a similar problem? Well, an effective solution comes with thigh lift surgery.

You can now conveniently correct your unattractive upper legs through this advanced cosmetic surgery procedure. We are sure; few common queries are popping up in your mind. Get the answers below:

Queries regarding Thigh Lift Surgery Abroad –

What happens in this procedure?

Putting it simply, the surgeon removes excess fat or skin from both inner and outer thigh of the patient. The methods are a bit different for outer and inner thigh lift.

Inner thigh lift surgery (Medial) –

As per the patient’s requirement, liposuction is included in this procedure. Your surgeon makes an incision in groin area and the required portion is removed. The thigh is recontoured and it is repeated in the other leg as well. Once done, the plastic surgeon carefully closes the skin with dissolvable sutures.

Outer thigh lift surgery (Lateral) –

Compared to medial, lateral one is a bit more complex. Your surgeon has to recontour your buttocks along with the outer thighs. More tissue is removed and your skin will be less elastic post-surgery. You must maintain a proper weight.

When should you opt for outer or inner thigh lift surgery?

People usually go for this surgical procedure when diet and exercise have failed to show their results. Again, certain structural changes can be corrected only when you go under the surgeon’s knife. We take you to the qualified doctors who will guide you with the right treatment.

What is the duration of Thigh Lift surgery?

If everything goes well, outer or inner thigh lift surgery will be completed within 2 to 4 hours. You can go home once the effects of general anesthesia wear off. However, the surgeon might recommend you to stay at the hospital overnight to monitor your health. Medical Tourism Abroad will make all arrangements for your extended stay in the foreign country, if required.

What to expect post-surgery?

The truth is, post-surgery, you will experience some numbness, swelling or bruises for few days. However, that’s normal and you will be on pain medications for quick healing. The tape surrounding your operated area will be regularly monitored and later removed after 7 days or so.

Medical Tourism Abroad ensures you have a quick recovery after undergoing a successful thigh lift surgery abroad.

When can the final results be seen?

For the final results of inner thigh lift, you need to wait for 12 months.

Pre there any risks or complications associated with the process?

Bleeding, infections, healing issues or building up of fluids are some of the complications that patients often experience. However, as you avail overseas treatment with us, chances of these risk factors are reduced to minimum. So far, this has proved to be a safe procedure.

In case you face some discomfort, Medical Tourism Abroad provides you post-operative support back in Australia. So stay assured to have a 360° medical care with us.

Medical Tourism Abroad for thigh lift surgery

We are a reputable and experienced medical tourism company in Australia who are known for providing superior quality treatment at exciting, affordable costs. Besides, our overall support for your trip is also highly appreciated by our clients. Are you interested to know more? We would be extremely happy to answer your call. You can also contact us anytime.

Have an enhanced contour of your legs with thigh lift surgery overseas.

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