Dental Treatment Overseas

Top 10 Dental Destinations for Dental Treatments Overseas

They say that ‘You are never fully dressed without a smile.’ But maintaining that smile digs a huge hole in your pocket too! Ever wondered how you could afford such costly dental treatments? Ever wondered why implants cost so much, irrespective of whether you get them from UK, US or Australia? Want to get rid of such huge expenses without compromising with the quality of service? Well, say hello to dental tourism!

Dental Treatment Overseas

Opting for dental procedures abroad have become a favorite for many as it cuts back on the cost and the patient gets to travel and explore a bit as well. Let’s consider, for example, the cost of dental implants. In USA, the cost is around $5000, whereas in UK it is £2698 and in Australia, it is $2058. The cost is effectively reduced when you opt for dental treatment overseas.
There are a few top favoured destinations for dental treatment abroad which accept international patients at half the price, and listed below are 10 of them.

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The Top 10 dental destinations for dental treatment abroad

1. Thailand

Thailand is the no. 1 place for people to go for dental treatment overseas because of its really low prices. You can get a dental implant right at $741. The service provided is of world class quality, far better than what you will receive in Australia. With its exotic locale to tour afterwards, there’s nothing more you could possibly ask for.

2. India

India has emerged on the global scale with its world class hospitals that cater to the various needs of patients and is another favorite place for international patients for dental treatments. Quality service is offered at a low price with world renowned doctors and well-trained team. The culturally diverse country also gives you an opportunity to actually visit the place as well.

3. Singapore

This beautiful and developed city in Asia boasts of world class facilities and has specialized departments in quite a few hospitals which is dedicated to international patients. It has a range of options to offer for dental treatments.

4. Malaysia

This is another one of the favoured places for dental treatment overseas as it boasts of cutting edge technologies to help patients out. The visa is readily available and the country specializes in bridges, tooth re-shaping and so on.

5. Mexico

Mexico is a dental tourism hotspot for a variety of reasons. First, it offers dentistry services at affordable prices. Secondly, because of its close proximity to the US, it is easier to go there and get the procedure done within a weekend. You can enjoy some amazing food also.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has always been known for the adventurous experience that it provides, but lately, it’s more popular for dental tourism. It caters to all major dentistry needs of international patients; from teeth whitening to veneers, to dentures to orthodontics.

7. Hungary

This place is the perfect example of the intermingling of modern technology with its 1000 year old culture. It boasts of highly trained dentists and of its cutting edge technology, which is available at a surprisingly low price.

8. Spain

Another beautiful place for dental treatment abroad, Spain is well renowned for its dentists. With its beautiful architecture and mind-blowing sights, going for a procedure there will ensure, you have a good time along with getting your treatment done.

9. Poland

Poland is another place that boasts of world class facilities with quality services at a low price. To travel around Poland, it costs relatively less and it’s easier to get accommodations that too at half your cost estimation in Australia. If you stay in the UK, then it is the most viable option for you.

10. Dubai

Experience the luxurious life at the Emirates while at the same time, get treated at this place. As a destination for dental treatment abroad, Dubai prioritizes healthcare first.

You can get connected with a medical tourism company in Australia who is experienced in organizing such tours. They will provide you with all the assistance in availing top quality treatment from the best country. Smile is the cheapest medicine; so preserve it.

Article Name
Top 10 Dental Destinations for Dental Treatments Overseas
November 10, 2016
There are a few top favoured destinations for dental treatment abroad which accept international patients at half the price, and listed below are 10 of them.

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