Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Hip replacement Surgery- Why Travel abroad?

Why travel abroad for a total hip replacement surgery? Because, you need the correct treatment in less time and minimum expenses. Seems, I’m not much clear! Well let’s make things easier. Instead of getting surgery done in Australia, if you fly abroad to countries like India or Thailand, these are a number of benefits you’ll get.

  • Highly qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeons available overseas
  • Exposure to advanced technology and modern medical science
  • Less waiting time; almost immediate attention from doctors
  • Excellent packages for health care facilities
  • Apart from treatment, chance for a short leisure trip to the new country
  • Availability of doctor’s consultation post treatment

Hip Replacement Surgery

More importantly, the cost of medical packages is comparatively lower there, than that in Australia. Pull the scroll bar down to know the details.
People flying to other countries
As hip replacement surgery is an expensive medical event in your life, that doesn’t mean you’re bound to spend extra. And moreover, when you have an option to cut the cost, isn’t it the option to grab for? Exactly, this is one major reason why maximum people are flying to countries especially India.
Cost idea: The reason I’m saying so is that it takes anywhere around $22,000 to $30,000 for the surgery in Australia. However,
In Thailand, it starts from AUD 10,000
In India, it approximately starts from AUD 9000
“What say?”

But, do you know what it all takes to get a total hip replacement surgery?

Take a look at the facts about the treatment that you are going to have.

1. When do you need a total hip joint replacement surgery?
a. In case you are suffering from severe osteoarthritis and your cartilage is badly damaged
b. Fracture in hip joint from falling
c. Rheumatoid arthritis

2. The process:
a. Your surgeon begins with removing the top part including the ball portion of your thighbone.
b. He will then replace the original and damaged ball with an artificial piece
c. Next, for fixing a new socket, he coarsens the pelvis socket.
d. The artificial parts are available in both plastic and metal. However, best is to get a combination of both.
e. All new parts might be attached to each other using acrylic cement.

3. Total time: Usually, the surgery takes from 1 to 2 hours.

4. Time for recovery: The recovery time differs according to how the operation has been carried out and what your present physical status is. While some patients may return home after 3-7 days, others may take more or less time. However, it might take you up to 6 months for full recovery with continuous therapy.

Other tips for recovery from a hip replacement surgery:

  • Probably for first 6 weeks, you need to sleep on your back.
  • Crossing the legs might cause hip dislocation. So, don’t!
  • You won’t be able to bend your hip more than 90°.
  • Get consultation from a physiotherapist.
  • Follow carefully what he recommends and carry on with the exercises for quick healing.

Hip Replacement Surgery

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place where you live in.”
You must be thinking; I have given all details of the surgery and where to get it done. But how to proceed? Where to start from and whom to seek guidance from? Yes, I know my suggestions over the internet might not always be available.

Medical tourism companies!

There are professionals to guide you through this entire process. These companies organize medical trips to the suitable country for your treatment. They will arrange for doctors, make ticket bookings and visa arrangements, get surgery dates, appointments, accommodation arrangements abroad, airport pick and drops, and everything.

Add on to that; you can be a lucky one to tour the new place amidst your long-term treatment procedure.
So, I hope, now you have all necessary information about total hip replacement surgery? What’s the long wait about? Choose the right medical tourism company and get the best treatment at minimum cost.

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