total knee replacement

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Overseas- Procedure & Recovery 

Know what total knee replacement surgery is –

Knee replacement is done through surgery where the doctor replaces your affected knee joint. The process is done using artificial material (a metal shell) that is completely safe and helps you to pick up where you left off.

Knee Replacement Surgery
Probably your case:
“I guess I have a severely damaged knee!” Is it so? Then it’s time to get total knee replacement surgery that would give you ultimate relief. It was only in last year that I too had to take my grandmother for similar treatment. She is totally fit and healthy now.
So, as you might be suffering from acute arthritis or some injury, read on what it takes to go through the surgical process.

Procedure of surgery

Since it is a surgery, let us break the entire process into three sections.

1. Prior to surgery:

a. A detailed consultation with the doctor is required including examination through X-rays or other techniques of imaging.
b. A complete physical check-up will be done that is essential before any surgery.
c. Do inform your doctor if you are allergic to certain medications or other anesthetic liquids.
d. Pregnancy is a major factor that you should take into consideration if there are certain possibilities.
e. In general, an eight hours fasting is required before surgery.

2. During the operation:

a. The doctor may start an IV (intravenous) line in your hand.
b. Your physical health – blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen flow, etc. will be continuously monitored.

Now the surgery starts –

  • The orthopedic surgeon makes a cut of 8 to 12 inches in the front of your knee.
  • Patella, commonly known as kneecap, is slightly removed to make the actual surgical position noticeable.
  • Next is time to remove the damaged part. After taking measurements of your bone, the surgeon starts his replacement process.
  • First, he cuts the worn out part from the end of your femur (thighbones) and recreates the surface to fix artificial joints.
  • Metallic femoral component, the first of your artificial knee, is fitted carefully.
  • Then moving to the second part, surgeon resurfaces your tibia. Following the same process, he fixes plastic or metal tibial components.
  • When proper adjustments are made, cement is used to seal the areas.
  • To check flexibility or proper replacement, your surgeon will bend your new knee.
  • “All okay!” He’ll stitch that area or staple for your recovery.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

3. Post surgery:

a. After it’s a successful operation, you will be shifted to general hospital room.
b. You might have to stay at the hospital for monitoring your physical health, pain management, prevention of blood clotting, preventing susceptible pneumonia, etc.
c. Once home, take complete rest and strictly abide by the instructions of your doctor.
d. You might also need a physiotherapist for slow yet steady recovery.
e. Get a follow-up on the date provided.

knee replacement

Recovery of knee replacement surgery:

  • Depending on the type, your stitches or clips might need to be removed if they are not dissolvable. In that case, the removal will be done after 10 to 15 days of surgery.
  • An expert physiotherapist plays an important role during your recovery. You might have to be under his supervision for 2 to 3 months.

total knee replacement

  • Remember that; it’s an artificial knee joint and you cannot expect exactly the same results of a healthy knee joint. But yes, you’ll get the best relief from unbearable pain of a damaged knee.
  • While resting, make sure there is a comfortable padding under natural hollows to prevent from leg or ankle swelling.
  • Gradually, you’ll be able to go for brisk walking.

In general, you can resume your work after 7 to 15 weeks. However, it entirely depends on your type of work. Consult your doctor for further suggestions.

“You can get extra benefits overseas.”

Yes, I chose to go overseas for total knee replacement surgery and got the maximum benefits.

1. The entire surgical procedure will be completed at a cost less than 60% than in Australia.
2. Again, you can get treated by top-notch orthopedic surgeons.
3. Naturally, they will be working with all advanced medical equipment.
4. If you’re suffering from severe pain, it’s an added benefit going abroad as you don’t have to wait long. The doctors will treat you immediately for a quick recovery.
5. More to that, your immediate financial requirement will be fulfilled by medical financing agencies.

Convinced? Or worried? Yes, going to a new country is indeed a matter of additional anxiety. For this purpose, you can hire the medical tourism companies who conduct medical tours with complete guidance. Starting from choosing the right country, making appointments to short holiday trips and post check-ups, they efficiently perform all at low cost.

total knee replacement surgery surgery in India

What’s there left to think more? As you have pain, you have options too. Get your knee healed since “you have to walk a long way”.

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