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Medical Travel Insurance

Most international patients may have some concerns about financially protecting themselves when travelling abroad for medical treatment. When a medical procedure is performed abroad, you need travel insurance to protect you against any type of complications. Before you choose an insurance cover, it is advisable to gain knowledge about the list of medical treatments that may not be approved and therefore not eligible for coverage.

International patients prefer companies that sell special insurance products that are specifically tailored to their needs. A rapid rise in healthcare expenses is forcing patients from Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world to seek high quality treatments for various ailments in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore that boast of world class hospitals and expert doctors and physicians.

Medical travel insurance offers its subscribers the option of advanced treatments at affordable premiums. There are many companies that offer comprehensive insurance plans so that the treatment becomes more accessible to patients that are financially constrained. The standard coverage generally covers acute illness and injuries that may arise during the trip, medical complications, medical evacuation and trip cancellation for the patient and the companion accompanying them. The insurance is available for medical procedures that are performed outside the residing country of the patient. The premium and coverage may vary depending on the policy of each insurance company.

Highlights of standard travel insurance

  • Medical treatment coverage-The coverage is available to individuals that have scheduled medical treatment outside their home country.
  • Flexible plans- The insurance plans can be available on a group basis. This can allow seamless billing to the client. It is also available on a voluntary basis where the client needs to complete an online application.
  • Travel companion coverage-Travel companions accompanying the patients can be included for the medical travel insurance.
  • Trip cancellation coverage-Standard trip cancellation or interruption protection can be made available for non-refundable prepaid expenses such as accommodations and travel arrangements.
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