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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Surgery

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – Medical Tourism Abroad takes you to Thailand to best surgeons!

How many times have you thrown that towel after doing sit-ups? Yes, we understand your frustration with the excess skin or fat in your abdomen area and you are not getting that ‘perfect shape’. Medical Tourism Abroad offers you a great solution. Why not go for tummy tuck surgery abroad?

With advancement in the healthcare sector, this technique has recently gained much popularity and acceptance amongst the ‘figure conscious section’. And by availing this treatment overseas, you can rest assured to have the safest outcomes. Relax! We shall help you in the process.

What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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Like other plastic surgery procedures, this one too removes excess skin and fat, giving you a flat abdomen. The surgeon with his skilful hands will tighten muscles of your abdominal wall and enhance your contour giving a better tone. This is a major surgery and this is the last resort for those who haven’t benefited from diet control or exercises. After massive weight loss or pregnancy, people undergo ‘abdominoplasty’ (another name of tummy tuck surgery) to correct stretched or saggy skin.

The best part is you can get rid of your stretch marks as removal of 30 to 50% abdominal skin is possible. The rest of your skin will be stretched to cover the area making it thinner.

What are other conditions for good candidate for abdominoplasty surgery?

    • You must be healthy and a non-smoker
    • You should always have realistic expectations
    • Despite being in good shape, if your belly sticks out.

If you are confused, we at Medical Tourism Abroad can help you out by proper assessment of your health condition.

What are the types of Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Which type is suitable for you, can we best recommended by your surgeon. Typically, these are the following types –

  • Mini-tummy tuck: This follows a less extensive surgery to improve your lower belly.
  • Full tummy tuck: This helps in improving your lower and upper abdomen.
  • Extended tummy tuck: Besides your lower and upper abdomen, this improves your flanks as well.

What is the duration of Tummy Tuck Surgery?

For partial abdominoplasty, 1 to 2 hours might be required and for complete abdominoplasty, it would take around 1 to 5 hours. So, approximately 2 to 5 hours is needed for this surgical procedure.

What is the duration of recovery period?

A patient can resume his daily course after 4 weeks. If you are engaged in desk job, you might join work much before. However, for straining or lifting jobs, you should resume work after a month for a safe recovery from tummy tuck abdominoplasty surgery.

Where to avail reliable treatment?

Now the important part – where can you find the best surgeons? Well, Australia certainly has some reliable clinics but you must be prepared with a bulk amount in your pocket. Cost of treatment here is highly expensive; approximately around $6000 to $10000 AUD. Extra charges will also add up to your bill.

However, if you avail treatment in developing countries like Thailand or India, Medical Tourism Abroad offers you extremely affordable packages. That doesn’t mean; there will be compromise with quality, however. You can rather save up to 70%.

We have partnerships with the top hospitals and surgeons abroad who have special packages for foreign patients. And here, Medical Tourism Abroad team will make all necessary arrangements for your travel. It’s much convenient affair to get abdominoplasty surgery done overseas with us.

Drop us your query unhesitatingly anytime for tummy tuck surgery. Enjoy a youthful body and be happier.

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