7 Undeniable Facts Why Developing Countries are the Best for Face Lift



Want to look younger? Who doesn’t? Every human being on Earth wants to escape the claws of ageing, wrinkles and stretch marks. May be that is why many people nowadays are seeking the refuge of periodic Botox treatments and similar synthetic products.

However, with the recent advancement in technology and after unveiling the harmful side effects of Botox; the needy are slowly crawling towards embracing surgical facelift as a more viable, safer and practical option.

So, if you are looking to escape from bouts of wrinkles and stretch marks, then why not consider developing countries? Contact a reliable medical touring venture and fly to one of these nations – Thailand, Malaysia, India and Singapore.
Make yourself look 10 years younger and that too at half the price.

Here are some undeniable facts that back developing countries as a perfect option for your treatment.

1. Food, shelter and transport:

Going for an extensive treatment such as a facelift will require you and your family to reside at the place for a subsequent number of days. So, costs do come into the picture.

However, you will be delighted to know that while flight charges to these nations are significantly less, taking a house on rent will not burn a hole in your pocket either.

Get A younger Look with Face lift

In fact this is one of the major reasons why countries such as India, Thailand, Singapore and similar nations are becoming increasingly popular as places of medical importance.

2.Larger population; more options:

Most of these countries will welcome you with crowd so large and dense, which you might not have witnessed ever in your lifetime.
However, what makes this important is that these nations also house a greater number of superspeciality hospitals and thereby a greater number of specialized doctors of rhytidectomy will be at your disposal.

Perform a thorough study, choose the best of them all and get ready to look like a teenager once again.

3.Trusted treatments:
People in developing countries strive to give the best of their service. Once you have signed up with a hospital, simply leave the rest to them. Be assured to receive the best treatments.

Best & Affordable Face Lift Treatment

Moreover, with multiple doctors at service, dealing with emergencies is much more efficient and reliable in these places.

4.Against all cleanliness myths:

Step in one of the hospitals and you are sure to be amazed. All of them are equipped with the latest amenities and most importantly, they maintain the highest level of hygiene! Adding to this are highly qualified plastic surgeons that use the latest equipment to carry out their task at hand.

5.All this at affordable packages:

While the above facts may sound to result in an expensive rhytidectomy procedure, the truth is quite the opposite. You will be charged transparently with cheap and affordable packages.

This is, in fact, one of the prime causes that attract visitors from overseas nations to undergo treatment in developing countries.

6.Discover the undiscovered:

Since developing countries such as India are yet to be completely absorbed by the strangles of technology, you can go around the land exploring location housed in the heart of nature.

Smell the true aroma of the countryside or go for a trek; possibilities are limitless!

7.Humbleness and hospitality:

Opt to stay as a paying guest and become a member of their family. People of these countries are extremely cordial when it comes to attending their guests.

Embrace the sober attitude and extremely caring nature of these people and be amazed by the way they make you forget your homesickness in no time.

After all, it’s a home away from home!

So, book your flight tickets today and get ready to opt for your surgical facelift. The trip will reduce your physical age and the age of your inner soul as well!

5 Laser Eye Surgery Risks And How To Avoid Them

LASIK laser eye surgery is helping a lot of people to overcome several visionary issues. If this is the case and people all over the world is availing this service then why is the absolute success rate still 80%? The point is, the success of the surgery entirely depends on the treatment procedure and doctor. Different countries have a different success rate. Like, Australia has a success rate of 74%; whereas India has a success rate of 95% depending on the medical condition of the patient.

If you are to avail these procedures, it is best to know about the risks that might happen only when treatment is not proper.

MoS2 Template Master

5 risks of laser surgery for eyes and how to avoid it

If you think that availing this service for all these risks are a bad idea, then you are wrong. Rather, you should focus on the preventive measures that will help you to have a proper recovery and perfect vision.

1. Glares, blurriness, and halos

This happens as the fluid in cornea, which recently went under treatment, causes scattering of light. With time and proper recovery, the halos go away. But if there are aberrations in the cornea, then these halos will be permanent which will create a terrible vision problem, especially at night.

2. Dry eyes

The nerve ending of cornea after surgery needs to time to heal. Dry eyes after a LASIK laser eye surgery is very common but temporary problem. What turns it into a risk is even after the required healing time, the cornea remains numb causing dry eyes.
But if you check the cytokines level or the chemical messengers present in the nerve ending before the surgery, it is easy to avoid such risk. Only experienced doctors will have an idea about all these.

3. Ectasia

If the mapping of the cornea is not proper; then there can be a terrible result. What happens is that cornea becomes more elastic and unstable. So, it is very important to do the mapping of the eye properly before the laser eye surgery.


4. Post-surgery infection

A risk of infection after any surgery is there. It happens if the sterilization of the blades is not proper. One has to understand that infections can happen even from new blades too, so sterilization is a must!

5. Flap problems

By using a microkeratome, the doctors make flaps in eyes. In case the flap is not appropriate, here are several risks – Partial flaps, Buttonholes, irregular flaps, fragmented flaps, etc.

How to avoid these risks of laser eye surgery?

If you are taking the treatment from someone who has enough experience, it is likely for you to avoid this condition. With personalized treatment and pre-surgery tests, you can easily avoid this. This is why you need proper treatment facilities and doctors.

To get the best, you can opt for Overseas Medical Treatment. There you will be able to go to Asian countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, and Bangkok. With them, not only you can expect an absolute successful treatment, but also you don’t have to drill a hole in your pockets. The cost of laser surgery for eyes in Australia is around $1300 AUD to $3700 AUD per eye. But on the other hand, with overseas medical services, you don’t have to pay even half of it!

So, plan your laser eye surgery treatment with medical tourism now!

How do I know if I need a Knee Replacement Surgery? Get the details here!

If you think, you are the only one suffering from knee disturbance; then it is not likely the idea. Presently people from the ages between 25 years to 60 years and above; 37% of them are suffering from knee problem. But is it severe enough that it calls for a knee replacement surgery? This is a question that often arises in their mind. To make sure that you need a knee replacement; here are few things that you must consider.

6 clear signs that you need knee replacement surgery

Hurting and painful knee can be very distressful and we all agree to it. If you are bearing the pain for a considerably long time now, here are few clear signs that will certify your knee pain needs surgery.

knee replacement

1. Noise

Whenever you fold your knee, do you hear some popping or crackling noise? People often don’t regard this issue, but this might be a clear indication that you need to replace your knee.

2 . Swelling

You can clearly see some swelling on your knee and that can be really hurtful. In most of the cases when you see or notice knee swelling, it is due to some kind of injury.

3. Edema
There are some excess fluids building up in the knee area. This can happen due to aging, injury, etc.

4. Limited movements
Sometimes you will notice that you can only move your knee in one direction. This happens because your knee is in pain and sitting or folding your knee joint can cause quite discomfort. If you are facing the same, it is quite possible you need knee replacement surgery.

5. Sudden bruising
You will notice sometimes that there are bruises on your knee and you did not get hurt recently. This can happen because of the bleeding of underlying tissues.

6. Delayed and payback pain
If you see that the knee pain is happening constantly, or it is coming back every now and then especially after some activity; then make sure to consult a doctor soon.

knee replacement surgery
Digital composite of Highlighted knee of injured man

Fact about knee pain
Did you know that your weight can be a major reason for knee problems? Yes, according to knee replacement surgeon if you are overweight, it is more likely for you have knee pain. For every extra Kg of weight, it exerts 3 times more pressure on the knee. Whom to contact for the surgery?

Whom to contact for the surgery?
A well experienced knee replacement surgeon is a must if you are looking for positive result, successful operation, appropriate treatment and speedy recovery. They will give the best suggestion and discard all the issues you face regarding knee.

How to get the best surgery?
Knee surgery can be on the costly side if you are taking the treatment in Australia. So, does that mean you are not supposed to get a surgery done? Of course not! There is one solution – Overseas Medical Tourism.

Yes, this will help you to get the surgery done from the best surgeons that too in budget. They send you to the best Asian medical hotspots like Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore and India. There not only you will get the best knee replacement surgeon but also supreme treatment facilities.

knee replacement

Get rid of knee pain and have a successful surgery now, with a medical tourism abroad!

Know how Nanotechnology approaches for better Dental Implants!

Nanotechnology is not new in the field of dental work. At first, this technology was used on the surface of the crown and not on any other part. But, with time; gradually this technology now is being curved with perfection to make larger organs. This will certainly change the face of medical treatment in every field.

Keeping in mind the dental condition all over the world, Australia is one among the leading places where people suffer from dental issues. As per survey result, 7/10 people all over the world don’t consider visiting a dentist, until and unless it is severe.

denture with implants

People need dental implants to fix many issues. Here are some reasons why dental implant is a blessing to people with bad teeth –i It is the second best thing to natural teeth

i) It is the second best thing to natural teeth
ii) This is a long term solution
iii) Implants helps you to maintain and retain the original shape of your face
iv) There are no further worries to have cavities
v) In 90% of cases, implants are successful

To make this all the more advanced and better, now they have introduced a more advanced technology. Know more what these two technologies can do to dental implants.

Dental implants and Nanotechnology

As the implants with titanium piece embedded in the bones are a real hit, it is time the medical experts take it to a higher level. To start with, nanotechnology is now also used to enhance osseointegration (applying a thin layer of Calcium Phosphate) coating.  All these nano-particles will deposit on the titanium piece and help in healing faster.


5 benefits of Dental Implants and Nanotechnology

With this amazing technology approaching the dental world, here you will know the advantages you can get –
a. Increased ionic strength in the peri-implant region
b. Saturation of blood will help in faster deposition of nanocrystals or particles
c. This layer will introduce protein in the implant
d. Better growing and joining of the osteoprogenitor cells
e. It will create a resorption pits on the coated surface

What makes nanotechnology the best?

The benefits and advantages top all the way more as with this technology now, it is possible o renew Mesenchymal Stem cells. These come from somatic tissues and can get categorized as bone, cartilage, fat and skin cells. With all these, it serves as an internal repair system making the implant recovery faster and making the process 95% successful.

dental implants nanotechnology

With all these information, you must be looking forward to getting your bad or broken tooth fixed, right? But, in Australia, if you are looking for this treatment, it can cause a lot on your budget. The price can vary from $5000 to $30,000 depending on the type of implants you opt for.On the other hand, you have an amazing option of overseas medical service providers who will book you service appointment to Asian countries. There, the quality of treatment is better and also

On the other hand, you have an amazing option of overseas medical service providers who will book you service appointment to Asian countries. There, the quality of treatment is better and also price is quite low. Hence, you can have the best dental implants without any hassle.  Contact an authentic overseas medical service provider and book an implant today!

Overcoming Common Cosmetic Surgery Fears: Things you need to know

Cosmetic surgery is now extremely common among people. At first, this was only for those in the glamour industry and of course the ones who can afford it. But slowly this idea is now changing. Anyone who desires for a particular look can opt for beautifying surgery. But, there is something that is still holding people back, and it is nothing but fear of the surgery going wrong!

We all know that be it any treatment, there is always a percentage of risk involved. It is same for Plastic Surgery. After all, going under the knife is not something people wish for! But you have to understand that every operation is done to make things better.

cosmetic surgery fear

So, what creates these fears?

The answer is very simple! There are several myths that people will say and talk about without knowing the details of the procedure. These words of mouth are the primary reason causing fear. It’s time you get over the fear!

5 ways to overcome your fear

If you believe, ‘it is better to be safe than sorry,’ then here are the few things that will help you to overcome your fear

i. Always opt for a professional, experienced Cosmetic Surgeon.
ii. Do your research before availing the treatment.
iii. Mentally prepare yourself for the change in your physical appearance.
iv. Talk to your surgeon and discuss everything. Make sure not to leave even a single seed of doubt in mind.
v. Make sure you have your family or friends support.

Now, there are certain facts which you should know to be more confident and comfortable about your decision.

Facts to overcome common Cosmetic Surgery fears

Here are some myths that are creating a WRONG impression regarding this surgical procedure which you need to know!

Fear  1: Plastic surgery can make you look literally ‘plastic.’
Fact: Absolutely not! People might find you different and take the time to get accustomed, but this doesn’t mean that you will look bad! If you know, 88% of the time people opting for this surgery have more confidence than before.

Fear  2: What if this doesn’t suit my skin?
Fact: It is personalized treatment. Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon will do several tests to make sure that it is appropriate and no allergic reaction happens. If you have heard about people suffering from reactions, firstly it is very rare; secondly, with experienced surgeons, this will never happen.

Fear 3: Men don’t undergo plastic surgery. It is not socially acceptable!
Fact: Reality check – Between years 1993- 2017, the number of males opting for this surgery has increased by 273%. Now, you have your answer. So, if you are a man who wants to change your physical attributes, feel free to contact a surgeon and avail the service. For better results, choose Overseas Medical Tourism

Fear  4: What if there are marks on the body after the surgery?
Fact: Again, this happens when you go for normal surgery. For plastic surgery, the treatment procedure is very different. There will no scars or stitch marks.

Fear  5: It will burn a hole in your pocket
Fact: Yes, in Australia any treatment, including Cosmetic surgery is quite expensive. For a simple nose job can cost around $7,000 AUD to $8,000 AUD. But if you avail Medical Tourism Overseas, you can save a lot. Moreover, they will send you to countries, which have great facilities along with experienced surgeons.
After you are confident with your decision, don’t waste any more time and book for an overseas medical treatment for Cosmetic Surgery now!

Top 5 Reasons Why A Mommy Makeover Is Needed For You

There is no denial that being a mother is one of the best feelings ever. To hold your child and cuddle is something that every mother loves to do! But, what about the post pregnancy body? Is there a sagginess with loose skin, celluloid, and flabby stomach? It is certainly something no one likes, not even a mother. The best part is, now you have a good solution to this issue – how about a mommy makeover? You can get perkier breasts, a slimmer body and great waistline with Tummy Tuck Surgery.

What is a mommy makeover?

A single session solution to all post pregnancy issues – Breast Augmentation Surgery: lift and reduction along with tummy tucking and liposuction (optional).
This means within 15 days, you will back to the body that you had 9 months before! There several cosmetic surgeons who are offering this to make sure that you are back to being YOU!


5 reasons that call for Mommy makeover!

Thinking about yourself is not being selfish; it is just the best mean to stay healthy and happy. If still not convinced, here you have 5 more reasons to avail this:

1. Fight back post pregnancy depression

According to a psychiatrist, 62% of women suffer from depression post pregnancy due to body issues. This can lead to unhealthy consequences like irritation, lack of sleep, depriving of social affairs and of course not doing well with the child.
If you don’t feel good, then there is nothing that can fix things around you. So, it is best you opt for a makeover and stay healthy.

2. Get back more shapely breasts

Yes, this is a major point! No one likes saggy breasts and it is one of the greater side-effects of pregnancy. The best way to get it is with Breast Augmentation Surgery.
This will help you to have a breast lift which will help you to get rid of the sagginess. Once that is gone, you can take the next step to sculpt your body.
The next thing is to go for Breast Reduction Surgery. This, as a package, will help you to have a better body and that too in a single session.

3. Look Younger
With a firmer body, it is likely that you feel younger and better. To top it all you will gain back more confidence which will help you get back into a more active regime.

4. Make your waistline thin, not confidence!
Absolutely true! Tummy Tuck Surgery is something that will help you to get rid of that unappealing celluloid. By availing this surgery, you will easily lose all the flabby skin as well as unwanted fat.

tummy tuck

5. Be bikini ready again!
When you avail the mommy makeover and get Breast Reduction Surgery to have a perkier body you are half ready. So take out your old bikinis and wear them on a new hot mommy body.
The only thing left is to work on the waistline and below which you can fix again with Tummy Tuck Surgery. Next time you wear your old bikini, look at the new confident mommy!

breast augmentation

You can get this service best for overseas medical treatment. They will send you to the best countries with top medical facilities that too at a lower price than in Australia. So, avail the best mommy makeover package – tummy tucking service, liposuction and Breast Augmentation Surgery. Plan to be a super hot mommy now!

What is the right time for Total Knee Replacement Surgical Procedure?

In most cases, we see that doctors have diagnosed osteoarthritis before recommending total knee replacement surgical procedure. If you find it difficult to perform regular activities, experiencing discomfort in the knees; with all possible reasons, you might be having arthritis. Simply walking, bending or kneeling becomes painful at that moment.

Before answering your query, understand what happens exactly. During osteoarthritis, the tissues supporting your knee joints wear away. Again, there is rheumatoid arthritis where patients suffer from chronic joint inflammation. While those between 60 and 80 are mostly the sufferers, traumatic injuries and accidents also lead to undergoing a total knee replacement surgery in young people.
knee replacement surgery

Right time to undergo total knee replacement surgical procedure:

There is not one single situation which can tell you – “Yes! It’s the time now.” In fact, there are lots of factors combining which the doctor might conclude you are actually a candidate for this surgery. Anyway, let us check out some of the indicators.

1. Failure of medication –
Sometimes, medicines fail to relieve you from chronic pain, no matter how stronger they are.
2. Failure of injections –
Are the lubricating injections or physical therapy not relieving the discomfort? Maybe it is indicating requirement of surgery.
3. Deformation of the knee –
Often knee gets deformed bowing inward or outward. That’s an indication you need medical attendance immediately.
4. External support –
If you find, a walker or a cane eases your movement, don’t take it casually. Your knee needs treatment. This happens especially because patients experience instability in their knees.
5. Pain every time –
Even when you are not using your knee, suppose while lying or sitting; in case you experience pain, consider it as an indication.

Knocked Knees Kids
Knocked Knees Kids

No! These are not all. In fact, there might be other symptoms as well and the doctor will inform you after a thorough analysis of your health. Some of the others are –

a. The knee becomes stiff after a long time of inactivity
b. During rainy weather, the pain increases
c. Sleeping becomes difficult due to the pain
d. You suffer from morning stiffness, up to 30 minutes
e. Knees appear to be swollen

I hope this was helpful. Now, most people who are planning to undergo this surgery have few other common questions. Do you have the same?

FAQs on total knee replacement surgery:

1. What is the recovery period of total knee replacement?
After the surgery, the doctor might ask you to stay around 3 to 5 days at the hospital. They will provide you with immediate post-treatment care and monitor your improvement.
After that, around 6 weeks are required for complete total knee replacement recovery.

2. Are you a good candidate for this surgery?
With these following conditions, you are certainly not a good candidate.
a. If you have open sores like ulcers that might extend to infections
b. If you have weak thigh muscles. (Thigh muscles provide the support to the replaced knee joint)

3. Any chances of pain after total knee replacement?
Like most other surgical procedures, you will suffer from some sensation and mild pain.  But the doctor will prescribe you the right medicines for quick healing. You can expect the pain to reduce after 5 to 7 days max.

However, your knee pain after total knee replacement will reduce to a lot. With an efficient doctor, a patient can completely recover at the earliest within a year.
“Don’t be afraid to walk the world,”

total knee replacement surgery

So, all doubts cleared? Fly overseas to avail top quality treatment for quick total knee replacement recovery. Make sure to contact a reputed company who is experienced in conducting medical tourism. Wish you luck!

Insights on the Growth of Medical Tourism Industry

Medical tourism is exploding! As per statistics, the global market for medical tourism will bring in $143.8 billion by the end of 2022, as expected. And coming to Australia, there have been a growing number of people opting for this new trend as medical tourism service providers are gearing up with their exciting offers in this emergent market.

The concept broadly means individuals traveling overseas for availing top quality treatment at affordable costs or because a particular treatment is not available in their home country. Usually, the treatments sought after are medical tourism dental procedures, knee surgery, hair transplantation, eye treatment, cosmetic surgery and more.


Here’s what stats have to say:

  • As per market reports, patients who are traveling abroad for medical purpose can make a savings of around 85% on the treatment procedures
  • This industry is already gaining $400 billion per year
  • Reports and experts have anticipated, the number of medical tourists will increase by 25% per year for the succeeding decade
  • 60% of Australian medical tourists travel to Asian countries for two reasons – can save up to 75% on the same procedures back in their hometown and proximity.

General practitioners in Australia are good sources of advisors who recommend their patients for medical tourism dental, cosmetics or other procedures. Let us not take it as a surprise that patients are going beyond international boundaries, considering the increasing expense in the health sector in Australia, UK or US.

What are the perks of medical tourism?

Well, there are quite some benefits of availing medical tourism Thailand or other countries. Some of them include –

1. Avail treatment from accredited clinics and hospitals of high quality 2. Some doctors and surgeons are renowned globally. They are highly proficient and experienced with huge success rate.
3. The team of nurses, technicians and others are well-trained to offer personalized care to foreign patients.
4. Quick response with no waiting time
5. The countries have special arrangements for medical tourists
6. They have cutting age infrastructural set up with all necessary tools and equipment.
7. Surprisingly low cost as cost of living is cheap in Asian countries
8. Guess what? During medical tourism in Bangkok or other nations, you can also rejuvenate with a short vacation in between your check-ups.
9. Be assured regarding safety and prepare for the highest satisfaction.


Role of medical tourism service providers:

1. They offer financial support in case you need more fund while in the foreign land
2. Doctors with them will assess your medical condition initially and recommend you the most appropriate country for traveling.
3. The service providers will arrange for your visas and registration
4. They will arrange your flight bookings, accommodation, etc.
5. They would even provide you with aftercare support back in Australia
Isn’t that lucrative? Experts say, joining this trend would keep you on the beneficial side in terms of both money and health.

Top medical tourism destinations:

When it comes to destinations, medical tourism Thailand is a must mention. Over the years, Thailand has equally grown as the most preferred medical tourism destinations. Specifically for this place, patients can save somewhere from 50 to 75%. Again, India, Singapore, Malaysia are no behind in this battleground as they are also on the list.

For these developing countries, the medical tourism industry is one of the major revenue generators. Good news is governments of these nations are also supporting the trend completely.
To give you an example – back in 2011, Ministry of Interior of Thailand allowed 90 days of extended stay to patients from GCC countries without a visa.

growth of medical tourism

Growth of medical tourism

This trend (which of course is successful) has created a great impact on the health sector of these countries. Besides improving the expertise in treatment specialty, there has been a significant amount of investment in the infrastructure for development. Furthermore, it has also encouraged exchange of tradition and culture across borders.
And finally, whether you should avail medical tourism in Bangkok, India, Malaysia or Singapore, you will be best guided by the companies. Ensure to invest in your good health! Contact us now if you are looking for a Medical Tourism Abroad.

How does Dental Crown Procedure help restore your damaged teeth?

Indeed there have been noteworthy developments in the world of dentistry with dental implants and Invisalign, but that doesn’t affect the effectiveness of classic staples like dental crowns. We have seen, through generations, these crowns have saved teeth, enhancing smiles to spread happiness and building confidence. Hence, even today, top certified dentists perform dental crown procedure to restore damaged teeth successfully.


You know what; regardless of age or gender, these are still considered as one of the most reliable tools in cosmetic dentistry for everyone.
“How can dental crown procedure restore damaged teeth?”
If that’s your query, here is the answer.

1. Helps in restoring fractured, broken or cracked teeth
2. Provides excellent support to dental bridges
3. Elongates the shape of a short tooth
4. Perfectly and safely hides distorted or misshapen teeth
5. Hides stained and discolored teeth
6. Improves your speaking habits
7. Helps in restoration of chewing

As their name suggests, they sit like a crown on your teeth and covers decay or damage like cavities or infections. It happens like – if your tooth has a large cavity that cannot support dental fillings, you can prevent extraction by using dental crowns instead.

Crowns look like tooth-shaped caps that are hollow and fit on the tooth covering it fully from all sides. It provides a protective layer, strengthening your existing teeth.


Dental crown problems

Let’s face it: like every other thing, these tooth crowns also have certain problems that you might experience after the treatment. For example –

  • Incorrect crown shape can affect your biting habits
  • Sensitivity to extreme heat or cold
  • Chewing gums, candies or sugary foods can cause further damage

As a solution, it’s better to avoid – having too hot or cold food, sugary food, gums and candies. Again, patients might also experience loosening of crown, discomfort or allergic reaction. However, once you get treated by proficient dentists abroad, chances of major dental crown problems are almost nil.

At times, severe damage might not give enough surfaces for the crown to sit firmly. Metallic posts are placed inside the tooth to provide the required firm base for your crown. With all the advancements, these tools are perfect additions to your smile.
Even after the treatment, you must care for your crown.

a. Brush and floss regularly
b. If you have habits of chewing nails or grinding teeth, strictly avoid those
c. Be very careful while you eat hard things like carrot or ice

Cost of tooth crown!

When you have planned for getting tooth crowns, let me guess, your next query would be regarding the cost, am I right?  The cost varies according to the crown material (gold, porcelain, etc.) and the tooth that needs it.

For instance – the total expense in most Australian clinics would cost around $2,000 to $3,700 AUD and even more. Well, most people in Australia step back thinking of the expense and rather choose to stay with the decay and pain.

Why would you do the same when you have options like Thailand? Cost of tooth crown there is much less compared to that in Australia. For an idea – the expense would be somewhere around $900 AUD. Isn’t that amazing?

Doubting the quality, right? Well, cost of living in these Asian countries is much less as a whole. Hence, the low price. Rather, patients availing overseas treatment can be rest assured to have top quality medical service with personalized care from trained team.


In this whole process, medical tourism companies can help you throughout. When I availed the same last year, they even assisted me in getting my visa and arranging my accommodation in the foreign country. So, you know, that’s really wonderful!

Dental crown procedure, problems and success, everything depends a lot on the efficiency of the dentist. So, make the right decision and invest in restoration of your smile with dental crowns.

Prepare well for plastic surgery before and after to see the change

I have always wondered how these celebrities look so perfect. All of them have absolute stunning features and on the other hand, we all have some or the other problem in our body. It feels like God is unjust, isn’t it? But where God forgot to give us desirable features, there are miraculous doctors offering a magic plastic surgery before and after change!

As per survey, 30% of more people in Australia have undergone plastic surgery in the last year. Almost 110 people among 1000 opt for plastic surgery.

With this high percentage, it is certain that the success rate is also very high (almost 92% when done from an experienced doctor) and it helps people to boost their confidence.

plaastic surgery

“Plastic surgery is not about being plastic; it is about being pretty in your own eyes!”

Now, that you have your mind set to get the look you always wanted, there are few things to keep in mind regarding procedure and plastic surgery prices.

How to prepare for a successful surgery?

The first step to success is a good doctor. You need to do it from a renowned place who will suggest you the best method and changes required. Along with that, professional doctors will assist throughout for plastic surgery before and after process.

The other things that you need to keep in mind are:

– Be sure that you want the change or not and go for a proper consultation

It is important to make sure that your doctor is appropriate. Discuss all your health problems; carry your previous medical report and then go to the doctor. This way, they will be able to take preventive measures and will be able to treat you in the best possible manner.

– Proper healthy diet

You have to plan your surgery at least 3 weeks before the date. Proper nutrition is mandatory to make sure that your body has all the important vitamins and minerals present. This way, you can also recover faster after your surgery.

– No consumption of alcohol or any addictive

Do not consume alcohol at least 72 hours before the procedure. It can harm your system thoroughly. Not only that, with alcohol present in your body, doctors will not perform the surgery.

There are some medicinal drugs too that you should avoid, especially blood thinners, like Aspirin.

– Do not smoke

Nicotine and tar are really harmful to body.  So if you are planning to undergo a successful surgery, stop smoking for plastic surgery before and after 2 weeks.

– Follow a proper exercise routine

Exercise will increase the blood flow in your body and make all the cells get more oxygen. As a result, after the surgical process, the cells will have enough oxygen to support a fast and healthy recovery.

Now, once sure that you want to do this surgery; here is the most availed surgeries’ list.

List of cosmetic surgery procedures

Cosmetic surgeries can be done on different parts of body, starting from your face to feet. There are so many procedures and changes that one can bring in one’s body, but some of the most common are:

  • Breast implants and augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty or nose job
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Facelift
  • Botox
  • Lip job
  • Liposuction, etc.

cosmetic surgery

All these are the most availed plastic surgeries and also most successful list of cosmetic surgery procedures, where the success rate is 94.7%.

Where to get these services done from?

Simple, if you want to get these services done in Australia, the charges are very high. A rhinoplasty can cost around $6900 – $7500. But there is another better alternative and it is called ‘Medical Tourism Abroad.’

More and more patients are travelling overseas to avail top quality treatment. There, the cost is just half, and you will save a lot. Moreover, you will get the best surgeons and highly equipped facility. Some of the best places to go for medical tourism are Bangkok, Thailand, Malaysia and India (it is ranking very high in cosmetic surgery list).

With this, your plastic surgery prices will be in the budget and you will also get the best services. So, start planning to look the best!