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Get perfect shape and health with weight loss solutions| Medical Tourism Abroad

Having a perfect curvy figure is like a sacrosanct nowadays – at least that’s what fashion icons have to say. That bulky body is not just an aesthetic disappointment, but people subsequently suffer from health issues as well. Are you depressed or unhappy with your body? Seems like you have gained too much of weight? Well, with Medical Tourism Abroad, you can successfully undergo weight loss surgery in the best weight loss clinics abroad.

Let’s solve your doubts regarding weight loss surgery:

#1. What is the procedure all about?

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This surgical method is one of the most effective ways to deal with obesity. The main objective of weight loss surgery is to restrict the food amount a person can intake or the stomach is capable of holding. Medically termed as bariatric surgery, there are different procedures where some even affect the process of food digestion and nutrient absorption. This is a quicker way to lose weight such as opting for a weight loss solutions clinic abroad.

In case you are willing to go ahead with weight loss surgery, Medical Tourism Abroad would make all necessary arrangements for you. Even in a foreign country, you can get the best of care with our reference as we have tie-ups with weight loss clinic abroad and surgeons. So, that’s a huge advantage.

#2. What are the types of weight loss surgery?

Restrictive surgery and malabsorptive surgery are two types of weight loss solutions that help in different ways.

#3. What is restrictive surgery?

In this method of weight loss surgery, size of your stomach is physically restricted to limit your amount of food intake. For instance, a normal stomach is capable of holding around 3 pints of food. However, after surgery, it can hold only 1 ounce. This capacity further increases to 2 -3 ounces with time.

#4. What is malabsorptive surgery?

Through this procedure, the way of food absorption by your digestive system is altered. Few parts of your intestine will be removed to create a shortcut for digestion. As a result, your body will absorb less amount of calorie. Truth is this is a more complicated procedure that only a qualified surgeon can perform. We ensure you are always in safe and skilled hands for weight loss solutions.

#5. What is the total time required for weight loss surgery?

It might take around 1.5 to 2 hours. However, you might take another 2 hours to return to your senses post-anesthesia.

#6. What’s the recovery time?

Recovery time depends on individual cases. While some patients are discharged on that same day of surgery, others might require staying overnight or for few days in hospital. You can resume your normal activities after 1 to 3 weeks.

#7. Will these weight loss solutions improve your health?

These weight loss solutions can effectively improve your obesity related medical issues. Your problems of diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, osteoarthritis or high cholesterol can be eliminated through weight loss solutions.

Post-surgery, Medical Tourism Abroad will provide you with all the assistance back in Australia, if any complications arise. With us, you can access reputable weight loss solutions clinic for post-operative care.

#8. Are you eligible to go to a weight loss solutions clinic?

If you match the following criteria, you can successfully go under the surgeon’s knife for weight loss surgery.

  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index) should be 40 or more
  • Men should be around 100 pounds overweight
  • Women should be around 80 pounds overweight
  • You should have realistic and achievable expectations
  • Diet and exercise have failed as solutions

The benefit with us is that you will lose 60 – 80% significantly from the weight loss solutions. Countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia are emerging as medical tourism hotspots for their quality and affordabilite weight loss clinic abroad. Our experience will help you achieve the best from there.

#9. How can you contact us for weight loss solutions?

We are just a click away! You can simply drop us your email or fill up the enquiry form and submit. Our customer service is ready to answer all your queries. You can even visit our office at The Ponds. We assure you to come home with a successful weight loss solutions.

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