What is bilateral knee replacement surgery? Is it an effective choice?

“I guess I won’t be able to walk normally again!” How many times have this thought depressed you? If you are suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, then the issues have surely affected your knees. And that is the reason why walking is a stressful activity now for you, am I correct? Well, this was my wife’s case too and the doctor recommended her for bilateral knee replacement surgery to bring back normalcy in life.

So, what is bilateral knee replacement surgery?

This is a surgical procedure where your surgeon replaces the damaged cartilage with an artificial knee called prosthesis. A highly effective and most chosen method, this knee replacement surgery procedure of implanting this prosthesis on both your knees is known as bilateral knee replacement. There are two types of this procedure –

1. Simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement
2. Staged bilateral total knee replacement

Simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement is the method where both the damaged knees are replaced on a single day. It happens under one anesthesia in same surgical event.

Quite the opposite, staged bilateral total knee replacement takes place in two different surgical events. The duration between these two operations are several months and evidently, require two anesthesias.

Knee replacement surgery procedure:

Typically, a knee replacement surgery involves the following steps:

  • Making an incision, your surgeon reaches the kneecap or patella.
  • Next he will rotate this patella to expose and clearly view the affected area that needs surgical performance
  • He will then resurface the femur and remove the injured cartilage or bone for fixing the artificial knee.
  • After fixing femoral component with cement, the surgeon will next resurface and remove the tibia, shaping it to for tibial component.
  • Once all done accurately, he will place the patella in its normal position.
  • And before finally stitching it, the experienced surgeon will flex and bend the knee to check whether this implant is correct.


What is knee replacement surgery recovery time?

For simultaneous bilateral total knee replacement, you might require staying in the hospital for up to 10 days. For staged bilateral total knee replacement, duration of your hospital stay would be 3 to 5 days. During this phase, you will be monitored and given medications. Within 6 weeks, your physical therapy will begin and that might last till 12 weeks. If you adhere to the surgeon’s instructions, chances are you will recover within a year.


Worried about expense?

I know, cost factor is the first thing that bothers patients. Let me tell you the truth that knee replacement surgery cost in Australia is indeed expensive. If you have a reasonable budget, this is going to make a hole in your pocket. The best alternative is to avail knee replacement surgery abroad. In foreign countries, you can save around 60% of what you would have spent in Australia.

These countries are growing popular as medical tourism destinations as they offer extremely cost-effective service even to foreigners without compromising with quality. With world class facilities and internationally acclaimed surgeons, you would get a successful treatment along with quick knee replacement surgery recovery time. Just hire a medical tourism company and they will provide you all the assistance. It’s your turn to walk the land!

Article Name
What is bilateral knee replacement surgery? Is it an effective choice?
September 20, 2016
Bilateral knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure where your surgeon replaces the damaged cartilage with an artificial knee called prosthesis.

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