Teeth Crowns

What types of dental crowns are available?

Most of the people have a sweet tooth and we all know sugar and cavity go hand in hand. Although, just blaming it on sweets seems unfair. Other reasons equally support cavity and sensitivity, causing harm to your teeth. If you are having too much of acidic foods, using strong mouthwash and brushing too hard, it can also create similar kind of troubles. Here, I want to let you know about the dental crown procedure which is the ‘one in all solution’ to your problems.

Tooth decay starts small and then, if not immediately treated, it can destroy the tooth entirely spreading to other teeth.

Tooth Decay

Let me give you a bit more detailed idea about teeth crown and it’s different types. I hope it will be helpful enough for you to choose the best treatment for yourself.

Teeth crowns help you in protecting from pain, sensitivity and cavity which can get very grave. Toothaches are severe and can cause some serious trouble or damage. In my opinion; don’t just opt for temporary aid for any teeth related issue when you always have the option to fix it permanently.

‘Don’t let your smile fade away!’

Let me give you some information about different types of teeth crown, their specifications and benefits.

What are dental or teeth crowns?

Crown is the outermost part of the teeth, mostly comprised of calcium (white exterior part of the enamel). The dental crown procedure includes a tooth shaped ‘cap’ which is permanently fixed on penurious teeth. This cover helps to reinforce it, makes it healthier, stronger and supports optimal functioning.

Teeth Crowns

Types of crowns for your teeth

There are different types of dental or teeth crowns that will suffice your ailing enamel with relief and comfort.

1. Ceramic

These are usually used in restoring front teeth due to the natural tooth-like color property. These crowns are mostly porcelain based or “engineered” dental ceramic, used for a better match to your teeth.


  • They are hand crafted.
  • Multiple and a single layer of ceramic crowing can be done depending on the requirement.
  • More natural looking.
  • It provides greater characterization and mechanical property like strength.

Based on American dental survey; Gildwell’s, in 1977, only 16% of the people had used this facility, 2010 ceramic crown usage has been raised to 52% and 2016 (July), it is 63%.

2. Metal

It is done by covering the entire tooth with the metal alloy customized in a dental laboratory to match the shape and size of your enamel. Metal teeth crown cost depends on the type and purity of metal you are opting for fixing your tooth.

Which metal are used and their advantages:

  • Platinum, Gold  and Silver (Noble Metal)

i. 24 karat platinum, gold or silver (pure form) is used.
ii. It is unyielding and can resist even the hardest bite.
iii. Being noble metals, the chances of reacting with any food is almost zero.

  • Semiprecious metal

i. Here, 25% of precious metal is used and the rest is alloy of copper and nickel.
ii. These are very durable and has a good finish
iii. This helps in avoiding metals in the alloy that can cause an allergic reaction because these are custom made.

  • Non-Noble base

i. Less than 25% of noble metal
ii. Cost effective
iii. The rest of the metals used in the alloy are nickel, chromium or beryllium.

Though it is not widely used now as people don’t dig the shiny teeth look anymore, if you are looking for durability and strength, this is the best thing for you.

3. Porcelain- Fused- to- Metal (PFM)

It is the dental crown procedure of using a hybrid between all metal and all ceramic crowns. A thin metal cap is further veneered with porcelain.


  • It gives more of a natural look
  • Due to the use of metal, it is more durable
  • PFM dental crown cost less time for setting and recreating teeth.

In 2010, Gildwell’s data showed that 45% of people had used this service (PFM) for teeth crowns.

Types Of Dental Crowns

These are the different types and features of dental crowns. It is upon you now to choose the best aid for your aching tooth. Teeth crown cost less time investment and supports longer durability.

Another information that I would like to share is that Asian countries are top ranked for their excellent skills and services in dentistry. I have taken treatment both from here and also from abroad; to be very honest, foreign treatment was far better. If you are planning for some skilled and proper treatment, try medical tourism in abroad.

Forget all teeth problem and make your day brighter with a happy smile. If you are conscious about your teeth defects, let dental crown procedure be the ‘tooth fairy’ of your life.

Article Name
What types of dental crowns are available?
October 26, 2016
Tooth decay starts small and then, if not immediately treated, it can destroy the tooth entirely spreading to other teeth. Know what is dental crown and it's different types. This will help you to choose the best treatment for yourself.

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