astigmatism during cataract surgery

Why Astigmatism should be corrected during Cataract Surgery?

In recent times, do you know how many people have 6/6 or perfect vision? Nowadays, due to the extreme hi-tech busy life, our eyes are almost always exposed to the computer screen, television, video game and mobile phones. They emit rays which are not very beneficial to our eyes.  This is one of the reasons which can cause refractive problems. There are many solutions for kids to fix this, but in the case of cataract in older people, the best thing to do will be correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery. This is why I will precisely concentrate on the issues faced by older people.

cataract surgery astigmatism

Given data above is based on the general number of people who have Astigmatism. Before I explain my point of suggesting surgery, first it is important to know what this problem is and how it can create problems.

1. What is astigmatism?

It is the imperfection in the corneal curvature which tends to cover the eye’s iris and pupil. This again refracts the light entering our eyes causing visionary trouble and is also known as refractive error.

astigmatism during cataract surgery

There are different types of astigmatism which you should know to identify if you or your relatives are facing this problem:

I. Myopic: When one or both the principal meridians of the eyes are nearsighted. This is denoted by ‘-‘ power like -0.25, -1, etc.

II. Hyperopic: In this case, one of more principle meridians of the eyes are farsighted. This eye power is denoted by ‘+’ power. Like +2, +0.75, etc.

III. Mixed: This causes a cylindrical power as near sight and far sight issue is there.

2. Eye problem in older age

We have often noticed that right after the age of 45 years, some or the other issue regarding eye increases, haven’t you? Along with that, cataract is a very common problem that people face with age or if they have a family history of it. Both cataract and astigmatism together can cause the following problems:

i. Vision blurriness
ii. Eye strain
iii. Headaches
iv. Eye redness and irritation
v. Squinting

If it is simply cataract then, the easiest solution is cataract surgery. It is a minor procedure where the cloudy lens inside the eye will be replaced with an artificial lens.

3. In the case of astigmatism during cataract, how can it be tested and corrected?

The best and only solution is to get a proper eye test done under the supervision of a professional doctor. They will perform a comprehensive eye dilation test, and it will help to determine the degree of severity.

Now, if it is not that major, you can wear glasses, but my suggestion will be correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery as a better option. Ask why?

Reason behind correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery:

i. To keep the refractive index stable:
In most cases, after cataract surgery, the refractive index increases. Nearly 65 to 70% of corneas have 0.75 D or more corneal astigmatism which can get worse after the surgery.

ii. Future prevention:
After the surgery, the eye tends to catch more disease which can further worsen the vision. This is why one should not make their eyes more vulnerable by not opting for astigmatism cure.

iii. The other remedy is not very comfortable:
To avoid problems due to astigmatism, people wear multifocal glass. It can get bothersome.
Different procedures of correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery

There are 3 procedures that one can avail to correct their refractive errors while doing the surgery of cataract.

I. Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI)
This is a very small but deep incision in the cornea. It helps in fixing and redirecting the diverged light to the required spot making vision clearer.

II. Intraocular lens (IOL)
In the clock hour position of the cornea, a lens with proper power is placed. This makes the vision absolutely clear.

astigmatism intraocular lens

III. Lasik
It is easy but a bit time taking process for recovery. This is done with a high-tech machine with a laser that corrects the irregular cornea giving a proper vision.


Where to get Astigmatism Cataract surgery done?

Are you wondering how to afford around $3000 AUD roughly for the surgery, as the Australian medical treatment is so expensive? Don’t avoid the surgery just because of this reason. It’s time you should try medical tourism services to travel overseas.

Why consider medical tourism?

  • They will send to the best country with top class infrastructure for the surgery.
  • You won’t have to wait
  • They will offer the best cost package to fit your budget
  • After your surgery, you can have a short vacation as well.
  • With all these amazing add-ons, it’s time you get Astigmatism Cataract surgery done and gain back your vision perfectly!
Article Name
Why Astigmatism should be corrected during Cataract Surgery?
December 29, 2016
There are many solutions for kids to fix refractive errors, but in older people, the best thing to do will be correcting astigmatism during cataract surgery.

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