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Why is bone grafting required before dental implant procedure?

Let me tell you something about a section of dental implant patients. While getting dental implants abroad, if the dentist ever mentions ‘bone grafting,’ immediately this category will walk out of the clinic, releasing a big sigh that they have taken the right decision to exit.

Honest confession, I was once a part of this section of people. Do you too belong to this category? Okay! Let’s go easier.

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Patients are initially scared when they learn; bone grafting is required before doing the process of getting dental implants. That’s because of insufficient knowledge about the whole thing. If your dentist has recommended you for the same, don’t just step back. Here’s your answer.

What has bone graft to do with dental implant?

Before delving into the details, let’s first try to understand what bone grafting actually is.

Bone Grafting –

Your bone is the main foundation of providing support to your teeth and hence the implant. In this procedure, bone or bone type materials are added to increase your bone volume making it larger in the jaw. The reason is when your tooth is missing for a longer time or you have had an extraction, deterioration of alveolar bone that supports your teeth and roots, occurs.

With this thin bone, it becomes unable to surround and hold the dental implant firmly. Your oral surgeon then needs to recover it through the process of bone grafting. Without this –

  • Dental implant would be unhygienic
  • It might result in periodontal issues for you
  • It would be unaesthetic

“Your smile is the greatest gift of all. Preserve it.”

bone graft

Bone graft is hence not necessary in every case of dental implant. Again, bone grafting eases the process of getting dental implants. It is a completely safe procedure with maximum success rate. If you are wondering where this grafting material comes from, then

1. Most often they are taken from inside your mouth
2. Bone is taken from other parts of your body
3. Bone is also taken from organism who are genetically similar
4. Synthetic biocompatible material is also used

Your dentist will make the choice depending on the quantity of material required and your present health condition. Hence, bone grafting is essential before a dental implant procedure.

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Effective results depend on proficient hands

Effectiveness comes with proficiency. What I mean to say is, it is important to get the treatment done by expert oral surgeons who have years of experience in this particular field. Only their in-depth knowledge will help them to conduct proper diagnosis and offer the best solution.

However, if you are desperately searching for a reliable clinic, dental implants in Thailand would be your ultimate choice. Thailand is preferred by majority for the excellent service they provide with all new technology and world class team of oral surgeons.

What’s more? Thailand also offers amazingly affordable dental implants treatment without compromising on quality.

affordable dental implant

We were assisted by a medical tourism company in Australia

Truly! With medical tourism companies being in existence, we patients need not worry about availing top quality treatment anywhere in the world. Once you hire a reliable company, not only will they find you the most eligible country, but also will make all necessary arrangements from flying there to fixing appointments and booking accommodation for you. Even in case you run short of money in the middle of your trip, they will again guide to avail medical finance at the earliest.

“A smile never goes out of fashion.”

Believe me; there’s no trouble now. With all the necessity of bone grafting before dental implant procedure, enhance your smile to brighten the world.

Article Name
Why is bone grafting required before dental implant procedure?
August 24, 2016
While getting dental implants, if the dentist ever mentions ‘bone grafting' many people walk out of the clinic. Don’t just step back. Understand the process.

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